Best Bike Cup Holder Reviews

Best Bike Cup Holder Reviews

Bike cup holders solve all conceivable issues one could come up with when it comes to carrying hot coffee on your bike. No spillages, minimal mess, and a safe way to ferry your breakfast with you while navigating the streets under pedal power. If you want to jump directly to our selection, please use the links in the table below. Otherwise, let?s find out more about this awesome invention!

Let?s face it. We have all hit the snooze button for that extra five minutes in the morning. But what about breakfast? Have you ever struggled to put aside an extra fifteen minutes to grab a coffee and a bite to eat?

Probably not, and you probably have a long cycle to work on busy roads ahead with no caffeine to fuel ?the thinker?.

What to do? Fear not. A couple of ingenious cycle buffs have devised a plan to get your essential caffeine injection while on the go. Bike cup holders are a popular solution to grabbing a liquid snack on two wheels. So, let?s find out more about them!

What Is A Bike Cup Holder & How Does It Work?

Bike cup holders are accessories designed to hold the hot drink cups while cycling. Made of a wide variety of materials, bike cup holders represent a useful accessory if you are using your bike for the daily commute and would love to sip a cup of coffee or tea in your way to work.

Most bike cup holders are designed to fit to the handlebar of your bike though some are able to be secured to the main frame. A simple clamp design fastens the holder to your bike and the screws can be tightened or loosened according to your individual needs.

Some bike cup holders even offer additional thermal insulation to keep your drink hot or cold, while others are a simple loop designed to keep your drink secure while you cruise along the cycle lane.

This product is so popular, that many cyclists even decided to build their own.

Why Should You Invest In A Bike Cup Holder?

A bike cup holder is a long lasting, convenient solution to accessing your favorite drink, smoothie or protein shake quickly and without fuss. You won?t ever need to stop on the side of the road to fumble in your bag again. With a simple click you can fix your drink inside of the holder or pull it out to access it.

A bike cup holder is also a good investment because they are made of durable stainless steel or hardwearing plastic and are designed to withstand exposure to the elements. And with most holders you can be guaranteed your drink will still be hot once you stop, as most bike cup holders come with built in thermal insulation to keep your drink of choice hot or cold.

Although these products are straightforward and simple, before you purchase a bike cup holder be sure to check the specifications of the holder against this simple three point list:

  • Safety: does the holder offer stability and adequate security that your drink is held firmly in place while on the move? It is useless to say this is one of the most important characteristics of a great bike cup holder.
  • Multi-functional: is the holder adaptable for different drinks? Not all bottles or cups are the same size. Being able to change to the size of the drink ensures you a better range of choice and use.
  • Material and fittings: a bike cup holder should be strong enough to withstand temperature changes and exposure to the elements as well as vibrations from the bike in motion. The material needs to be strong and long lasting in order to be a good investment. Be sure to check the screws and design of the cup to ensure it?ll be suitable for your purposes.

Below, we have reviewed five bike cup holders currently on the market using this handy list to help you make a more informed decision about which one is right for you.

The Best Bike Cup Holders

Kroozie XL Cup Holder in Flat Black$$$$$Star rating 4.5 of 5
Kroozie 2.0 - White$$$Star rating 4 of 5
Sunlite Can-2-Go Drink Holder$$Star rating 3.5 of 5
Ibera Bike Handlebar Cup Holder, Black with Multi-Way Mount$Star rating 4 of 5
Origin8 Joe-2-Go Handlebar Drink Holder, Black$$$$Star rating 3 of 5

1. Kroozie XL Cup Holder in Flat Black

Kroozie XL Cup Holder in Flat Black

Kroozie is the leading developer of bike cup holders and the manufacturer has attempted to incorporate stability, safety and style in a single product.This holder uses a powdered clamp system to fit to the handlebars and improve grip. It also has adjustable screws to tighten or loosen the grip to the frame of your bike and it is easy to keep clean.

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The holder has been made from stainless steel to prevent rusting or perishing due to exposure. It also features a non-slip foam insert to ensure adequate grip on your drink while the bike is in motion.

Things We Liked

  • Aesthetics:for a bike cup holder this item looks good and is made from high quality materials. It won?t look out of place on your bike and the flat black color is a good option on any cycle.
  • Long lasting:Kroozie have ensured to use stainless steel to combat rusting and to ensure the holder is durable in all weather conditions.
  • Thermal insulation:the foam insert in the holder offers insulation for hot or cold drinks and offers multi-function use for a range of requirements.
  • Easy-to-use:the wingnut clamp is very easy to tighten and loosen and the whole holder is simple to fit to your handlebar.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Foam insert: while offering insulation for your drink, the insert is not fastened or glued inside the holder and if left intact while transporting the bike or when not in use, the insert can blow away.

2. Kroozie 2.0 – White

 Kroozie 2.0 - White

Since launching the Kroozie 1.0 and Kroozie XL Cup Holder, the manufacturer reviewed the initial design and addressed any potential issues it could cause for users.Thus the Kroozie 2.0 was developed. Made from stainless steel, it uses a two part clamp system to offer better grip.The holder also offers thermal insulation for your drink while on the go. In comparison to the Kroozie XL Bike Cup Holder, the Kroozie 2.0 is aesthetically neater and more compact.

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Things We Liked

  • Dual screw clamp: instead of having a screw to tighten or loosen to alter grip, this holder boasts a double clamp system where both sides of the grip offer traction against the handlebar for optimum stability.
  • Fits drinks 12oz to 24oz +: whether you like to grab an extra large coffee or just a quick espresso this holder can accommodate either. Multi-functionality will keep this holder in frequent use therefore making your investment more meaningful.
  • Painted: the holder has been coated with a powder coat to improve weather-resistance.
  • Easy to clean: the holder can be washed so you don?t need to worry about removing the holder while giving your bike that all important clean.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Small screws:the clamp system may offer optimal grip but if you want to remove it for any reason, the screws are small and difficult to access posing a challenge for the user.

3. Sunlite Can-2-Go Drink Holder

Sunlite Can-2-Go Drink Holder

This is a compact bike cup holder design featuring a simple screw clamp for fitting to your bike?s handlebar.The interior circumference of the holder offers a firm grip on your drink while the additional foam insert offers insulation for your drink.The holder is made from hardwearing plastic for durability and fitted with a stainless steel screw.

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Things We Liked

  • Firm grip:the holder is able to handle a drink firmly to offer optimum safety while on the go. You can be assured that your drink will not fly out or tip while you are moving.
  • Lightweight:the durable plastic design of the holder ensures that it won?t add any additional noticeable weight to your bike or alter the handling of it in any way.
  • Easy to install:the screw clamp is easy to see and fit to your bike?s handlebars. This makes this holder friendly for a broader demographic to use.
  • Can be used for a variety of drinks:the holder can handle cans, bottles or cups so it is perfect for a range of uses and can adapt to suit individual needs.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The clamp needs regular tightening: the rounded shape of the screw clamp means it is not as secure as some holders currently on the market and will need to be checked often to ensure the screw has not slipped or loosened.

4. Ibera Bike Handlebar Cup Holder, Black with Multi-Way Mount

Ibera Bike Handlebar Cup Holder, Black with Multi-Way Mount

Unlike other holders, the Ibera Bike Handlebar Cup Holder sits parallel to the handlebar instead of on top.This may be to improve visibility while cycling as holders that sit on top of the handlebar may be a potential distraction for the rider.It is made from Polycarbonate which is durable and can withstand varying temperature and climatic changes. The angled rim also offers a greater freedom of choice to be used for large or small drinks.

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Things We Liked

  • Sturdy: the holder has been made to offer maximum stability and durability for the user. The long lasting polycarbonate frame can withstand thermal variants while the holder can offer a firm grip on a variety of bottles, containers and cans.
  • Requires minimal effort to fit: this holder is convenient if you don?t want to waste much time in fitting. The holder clamps to your handlebar or to the main frame of the bike with ease.
  • Can be wiped clean: this holder is a hygienic option. It is bottomless and features a simple ring clamp that can be detached and soaked in hot water or simply wiped clean.
  • Bottomless: by featuring a ring clamp, the holder can accommodate large volume containers with ease and the manufacturers have succeeded in opening up a larger target market by doing this. This holder can manage large protein shake bottles or smaller polystyrene cups due to the angled rim.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • No insulation: insulation is useful to keep a cold drink cool in hot weather and a hot drink fresh whilst travelling. The lack of insulation on this design means your drink will warm up or cool down a lot quicker.

5. Origin8 Joe-2-Go Handlebar Drink Holder, Black

Origin8 Joe-2-Go Handlebar Drink Holder, Black

Similar to the Ibera Bike Handlebar Cup Holder, the Origin8 Joe-2-Go is bottomless, featuring an angled rim. But rather than optimise insulation, the manufacturer has focussed more on safety.By ensuring a strong clamp and rubber liner to secure drinks in place, the Origin8 Joe-2-Go guarantees minimal slipping and dislodging of your drink while on the move.Furthermore, the holder is made from durable alloy that is both lightweight and hardwearing making this holder a safe, timeless investment.

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Things We Liked

  • Simplified design: it is all very well having a holder that insulates your drink and provides a safe place to put it while cycling, but if the holder doesn?t clamp properly or keep the drink steady then it is not a good investment. This holder is simple and fulfills the purpose of securing drinks safely on a bike.
  • Durable: the alloy material has been designed to ensure the holder doesn?t rust or warp due to exposure and can retain its shape and full function use after use.
  • Easy to Attach: there are no screws or tricky turn functions to get this holder attached to your bike so you can spend less time trying to get the holder fitted and more time out and about.
  • Multi-functional:the manufacturer has designed this holder with a rubber inlay that can shrink or expand to grip a variety of drink sizes. This holder can offer a secure grip on standard drinks or larger cups with ease.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Handlebar size: not all bikes have the same width handlebars and this holder may not be suitable for bikes with larger handlebars as the clamp won?t close.

Conclusion & Final Pick

Above all important factors, safety comes first. The last thing you want is a face full of piping hot caramel macchiato with an extra shot when navigating the ruts of a two-year old pothole. For this reason, the Kroozie XL Cup Holder in Flat Black stands out above the rest.

It?s practical enclosed holder with rubber lining ensures a solid grip on your drink while on the go as well as keeping your drink insulated. There?ll be less spilling and more sipping! With the minor issue of the foam insert not being attached to the holder this can easily be rectified with a little bit of double sided tape or glue.

The stainless steel frame ensures a good investment that is long lasting and the flat black color is a safe choice for any bike no matter the hue or pattern. Aesthetically it is simple and refined, but it tops functionality in being able to accommodate a wide range of drinks and keep them in place. It is definitely, the safest and most practical option currently on the market.

Finally, you can hit the snooze button without the guilt. Coffee on the go for ?the green machine? is now possible. Grab your bike cup holder and enjoy your lie-in!

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