Best Bike Decals To Decorate Your Two-Wheels

Finding the right bike decals for your two-wheels isn?t hard. Yet, you might wonder why to use them. I love decorating my bikes with decals either for aesthetic or practical reasons.

Read through this guide to see what options you have and why you should use these stickers or click on the links below to check out the best bike decals on the market.

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Bike decals have been long used to decorate bikes. Easy to apply and available in many designs, they add identity to a bike and its rider. There are many articles to choose from and they can seamlessly fit any personality, mood, or situation.

Yet, purchasing decals and stickers goes beyond the aesthetic considerations. Many articles are designed to protect the bike?s frame. Others to draw attention in traffic and make you more visible to the motorists. And others will only talk about you, your interests, and your personality.

To decide which model is best for you, read on to find out what options you have.

A Short History Of Bike Decals

Bicycles have been around for over two centuries. Their design changed with the time and so have their features. Their popularity increased and so has the need of customizing the ride. Yet, bike decals haven?t been a thing until the second decade of the 1900s.

Initially, bike decals were used to showcase a bike?s brand. In today?s vision, we can say that manufacturers saw in decals an easy-to-use brand promotion instrument. However, bike decals didn?t become popular among end-users until the 70s.

Following the Flower-Power era, bike decals and stickers started gaining popularity among the masses. Cyclists started to use them to express their interests, from musical preferences to political views. Little changed with the time and these items are still used for the same purposes today.

Apart from adding personality to a bike, the decals are used nowadays for many other purposes. In competitions, the sponsors advertise themselves by applying decals or stickers on the bikes. Commuters use reflective stickers to make themselves more visible in traffic. And some even use them to protect the frame of the bike.

Types Of Bike Decals

If there are different types of riders, there have to be different types of bike decals. Cyclists use them for different purposes and based on this, bike decals are classified into the following categories.

Brand Decals

These decals are usually used to label a bicycle as belonging to a certain brand, such as Schwinn. But brand decals are also used to promote a sponsor or to show the rider?s preference towards a certain product. There are many brand decals promoting energy drinks or bike helmet brands seen on many bikes out there.

Decorative Decals & Stickers

Decorative decals are used to customize the bikes and range from racing stripes to flowers, butterflies, and other images. Most of the times they are used to make the bike more streamlined and pleasant to the eye. These decals and stickers are easy to match with one?s personality or interests.

For example, many decorative decals write favorite quotes or funny sayings. Others express political views. And there are even cartoon-themed bike decals for the kids.

Utility Decals

There are two types of utility decals, reflective and protective. The first act as reflectors and increase the cyclist?s safety when riding in low light conditions. The latter protects the bike?s frame from scratches or elements.

Reflective decals are often preferred by commuters while protective articles are preferred by those practicing off-road disciplines.

Custom Decals

Custom decals can be of any type and the sole difference between them and the others is that cyclists can customize them in a shop or online.

Applying Bike Decals On Your Bike

While some bike shops or repair centers apply bike decals for a small fee, most riders choose the DIY solution. After all, it?s not rocket science to stick a decal on the bike?s frame. Yet, there are a few steps to follow if you want to achieve a flawless result.

Here?s what you?ll need:

  • Bike decals;
  • Spray-on clear lacquer;
  • Clean cloth;
  • Degreaser;
  • Powerful hair dryer.

Here?s how to apply the decal:

  1. Pre-position the decals on the frame to get an idea of how the final design will look like. Once you found the best position, mark it on the frame.
  2. Degrease the frame by wiping it with a cloth and a small quantity of degreaser. This will make the decal stick easier.
  3. Peel away the paper on the back of the decal, paying attention to not touch the sticky surface with anything.
  4. Place the center of the decal in the desired position and stick it to the bike?s frame by running your fingers up and down the design. Pay attention to push out all the air bubbles. Some decals adhere better to a heated surface. If this is the case, heat up the frame with the hair dryer.
  5. Apply a thin layer of lacquer on the decal. To protect the rest of the frame, cover it in masking tape before spraying the lacquer.
  6. Let the lacquer dry before hitting the road with your brand new decorated bike.

Best Bike Decals For Small And Big Riders

1. Decal Racing Sticker 6 Sheets

Decal Racing Sticker 6 Sheets

Featuring an assortment of brand decals, this set of decal racing stickers comprises six sheets with multiple decals on each sheet. There are various featured brands including energy drink brands such as Rockstar, Monster and Red Bull.Designed for cyclists and motorcyclists, these decals can easily decorate a bike, a motorcycle or even a helmet. They are made of solid vinyl, are easy to apply and will last for a long time thanks to their waterproof feature.

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The size of each sheet is 7×10.5 inches and all decals are die-cut precut and ready to use. To apply them, simply peel them off the sheet and follow the steps above to stick them in the desired position.

Wherever you decide to place them, these brand decals will let the world know your preferences. They are also great to use during competitions if one of these brands agrees to sponsor you.

Things We Liked

  • Assortment: the set features multiple brand decals of companies manufacturing racing helmets, energy drinks and more.
  • Quantity: the set includes 6 sheets and each of them has multiple decals. You can share them with your friends or use them on multiple bikes.
  • Ready to use: the stickers are pre-cut and ready to apply. They peel off easily and apply effortlessly on any solid surface.
  • Long lasting: these decals are made of solid vinyl and are waterproof. They are designed to last for a really long time.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • It might take a while for the manufacturer to dispatch the article.

2. Graphic Racing Sticker Decal

Graphic Racing Sticker Decal

Not specifically designed for cycling but fully adaptable to the purpose, this set of Graphic Racing Sticker Decal includes six sheets with multiple brand decals featuring helmet manufacturers and motocross brands that also manufacture items for off-road and freestyle cycling.Easy to pair with the set of decals described above, these stickers share most of the features and they only change in design.

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The decals are printed on clear vinyl sticker film, are precut and easy to peel off. Applying them is a breeze and the final result is long-lasting. Moreover, these decals are waterproof and maintain their colors in time.

They come in a set of six sheets with the size of 7×10.5 inches. The price/quality ratio is excellent considering the characteristic of the decals and their quantity.

Things We Liked

  • Quality: the decals are printed on clear vinyl film. They are made to last for a long time and withstand all weather elements.
  • Set: you?ll get six sheets packed with decals in a single purchase. They come at a great price considering the quantity.
  • For mountain biking: these motocross decals are ideal to apply on mountain bikes, especially by those who practice freestyle or off-road disciplines.
  • Easy to apply: the decals are precut. To apply them, just peel them off the sheet and stick them to a clean surface.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The precut might not always be precise and it might be easy to rip off the stickers.

3. Suppersupplier 3PCS Outdoor Bicycle Cycling Sticker

Suppersupplier 3PCS Outdoor Bicycle Cycling Sticker

Designed for mountain bikes, attractive and of high-quality, the Suppersupplier 3PCS Outdoor Bicycle Cycling Stickers come in an assortment of brand and decorative decals to stick on your bike. These decals are printed on high-quality vinyl and boast modern designs.Although reflecting brand identity, the lines follow the latest trends and are appealing even to the younger riders. Moreover, they are easy to apply on any solid surface not only on a bike?s frame.

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The stickers come in a set of three sheets. Each sheet measures 29×21 centimeters and contains multiple bike decals. However, for shipping convenience, the manufacturer might pack the stickers cut out. This will not affect their use or quantity.

These bike decals are ideal for all outdoor enthusiasts. You can use them to give identity to your mountain bike, skateboard or even motorcycle.

Things We Liked

  • Convenient: with a single purchase you?ll get an assortment of brand and decorative decals ideal to use on bikes, skateboards and other articles.
  • Bright colors: these decals are printed on high-quality vinyl and boast bright and attractive colors.
  • Long lasting: the stickers are waterproof and the colors don?t fade with the time. Once applied, they will beautify your two-wheels for a long time.
  • Designs: from Fox and Shimano to political stickers picturing Che Guevara, these decals address the preferences of many cyclists.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Some brand decals are spelled incorrectly and all of them look best on a clear background.

4. 48 Unique Bicycle Stickers By Wheely Bikes

48 Unique Bicycle Stickers By Wheely Bikes

Ideal for kid?s bikes but not only, these 48 Unique Bicycle Stickers By Wheely Bikes will certainly bring a touch of joy to your ride. Colorful and playful, these stickers are ideal for all the kids and ladies out there who want to ride a beautifully decorated vehicle.The decals are printed on high-quality vinyl and are resistant to weather elements. The colors will not fade away in the sunshine and the sticker will stay put even when it rains.

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On the other hand, these colorful stickers are easy to apply on any solid surface. Just peel them off the support sheet and stick them on the bike?s frame. They are ideal to decorate other items too, such as a girly skateboard, travel suitcase or even your PC.

Suitable as a gift for a young rider, the stickers come in a stylish box. Moreover, the manufacturer stands for their quality and offers a money-back guarantee for issues related to the design. You can only return unused stickers.

Things We Liked

  • Design: colorful and playful, these decorative bike decals are ideal for kids, ladies, and anyone with a Flower-Power nostalgia.
  • Weather resistant: designed to resist rain, sun, snow, and wind, these decals maintain their beauty and features in time.
  • Easy to apply: these bike decals are easy to apply. For the best results, we recommend following the steps detailed in our guide.
  • Guarantee: the manufacturer issues a full refund if you don?t absolutely love these stickers.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Some adult riders might find these decals too childish. However, they are designed mainly for children.

5. VGEBY Bicycle Decal Stickers Chainstay and Frame Protector Kit

VGEBY Bicycle Decal Stickers Chainstay and Frame Protector Kit

VGEBY Bicycle Decal Stickers Chainstay and Frame Protector Kit is a bike decal kit designed to protect the bike?s frame from environmental elements. These decals will maintain your bike beautiful for a long time and they are particularly useful for commuters and mountain bikers.The decals are made of a premium plastic material that ensures their durability in time. Designed for heavy use, these stickers offer a double protection to the frame and to the chainstay from wear.

Check Price on Amazon

In detail, the set consists of 30 stickers of various shapes designed to cover various parts of the bike. The manufacturer ideated the set for a DIY positioning and they are compatible with almost all types of road and mountain bikes.

The universal decals have black carbon finish and are backed by a 180-days money-back guarantee. Whether you receive a faulty article or don?t like them, ask for a replacement or a refund in the allotted time.

Things We Liked

  • Protective: these bike decals are ideal for those who want to protect their frames from environmental elements and scratches.
  • Universal: ideal for DIY lovers, these stickers are universal and fit on most bikes. Just mix and match them to find the right positions.
  • Shapes: the decals come in an assortment of shapes, including oval, round and strip decals that are easy to mix and match.
  • Guarantee: the manufacturer provides a full refund or a replacement if the product is returned within 180 days.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • It might be a hassle to place the decals on some bikes.

Conclusion & Final Pick

Regardless of the reason, choosing the best bike decals is a matter of preference. Some riders might prefer brand or political decals. Others might want to decorate their bikes with playful stickers. While others might choose the simplicity of the protective decals.

To stay true to all cyclists, we based our choice on the article?s popularity. And believe that the best bike decals on the market are the Decal Racing Sticker 6 Sheets.

This set features an assortment of brand decals that can easily decorate mountain and road bikes. They are perfect for commuter?s bikes too and even the older kids might like these designs and patterns. The decals are easy to apply and the high-quality vinyl is made to last in time. Without a doubt, this is a set of bike decals to consider.

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