The Best Bright Eyes Bicycle Lights

The Best Bright Eyes Bicycle Lights

Often, bicycles come with lights and the system necessary to power them. This fact, quite often, limits our commitment and knowledge about bicycle lighting. Notions such as bright eyes bicycle lights do nothing but confuse us. Read on to find out which are the best bright eyes bicycle lights on the market or, if you don?t feel like reading through the whole article, click on the links below to jump directly to our selection.

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Most of the times cyclists choose one bicycle over another for various reasons including the brand, color, brakes, speeds, and more. However, lighting isn?t a criterion of choice. This is mainly due to the fact that most newbies exclude from the start the possibility of cycling during night time for reasons that vary from comfort to safety.

However, I can guarantee that with adequate preparation and with the right lighting, a cyclist is more visible at night than during the day.

Nevertheless, although lighting is an essential gear that guarantees our safety, it is most of the times underestimated.

Fortunately, on the market, there is an endless choice of options that vary from headlights placed on the fork or handlebars to helmet lights. Among them, the best are probably the Bright Eyes lights. Before showing you which are the best models, let?s find out more about them.

Types Of Bicycle Lights

Dynamo Lights

Dynamo lights are the most traditional, although they are almost unused nowadays. These lights are powered by a dynamo which is powered by the pedaling force. In fact, the wheelbase outputs the current needed for the operation of the front and rear lights.

Although a great lighting solution at its time, dynamo lights were not exactly effective. In fact, they were noisy and heavy. Besides annoying, they were also famous for slowing down the bike considerably while the light produced was scarce.

Today, dynamo lights are still found on some city bike models but this solution is rather unpopular. Nevertheless, dynamo lights are still an option for those cyclists who have a really low budget and only need bicycle lights to comply with the law.

Rechargeable Battery Lights

Nowadays, battery lights are the most preferred. However, there is to say that if in terms of luminosity they are superior compared to the dynamo, they don?t benefit from a constant energy source and need to be recharged on a regular basis.

In addition, these lights have a maximum power at first but they slowly discharge. The light output diminishes together with the energy, therefore this particular should be kept in mind if planning to cycle after sunset.

The main advantage of battery lights is that their output can be modulated according to the environmental light. For example, in residential areas with well-lit street and pathways, these lights can be set to a minimum and save the battery?s life.

Furthermore, the association of battery power with LED technology allows a maximum energy efficiency and low power consumption.

Among the most popular lights in this category, we can mention the Bright Eyes lights, although many other companies propose similar solutions.

What Are Bright Eyes Bicycle Lights

Bright Eyes is an American company specialized in the production of LED portable lighting for the outdoors. Among the multiple applications, the company also proposes a line of superior bicycle lights that are popular mainly because of their impressive characteristics.

The Bright Eyes bicycle lights line includes a series of rechargeable headlight sets with powers between 280 and 1600 Lumens, and also a selection of rechargeable rear lights.

Besides the main bicycle lights line, the company also proposes a different collection. The Stellar Lights is a collection of light sets characterized by the incredibly bright glow and superior lighting power. These lights are specially developed for cycling professionals that want to practice their skills during nighttime.

The company also develops some of its bike lights specifically for mountain biking. Although these lights can be used for any type of cycling, they are sturdy and last a little longer compared to other models.

Among all rechargeable bicycle lights, we can say that Bright Eyes is one of the most popular brands. Nevertheless, many other brands propose similar lights with characteristics that can easily compete with the originals.

For this reason, let?s see which are the best Bright Eyes bicycle lights and also which are the best alternatives to consider.

The Best Bright Eyes Bicycle Lights

1. Bright Eyes Fully Waterproof 1600 Lumen Rechargeable Lights

Bright Eyes Fully Waterproof 1600 Lumen Rechargeable Lights

Among the many lighting solutions proposed by the company, the Bright Eyes Fully Waterproof 1600 Lumen Rechargeable Lights are probably the most popular choice among cyclists. These bicycle lights boast 1600 Lumen and, thanks to the LED technology, they last for a really long time.The lights are developed using the CREE T6 LED technology and are designed to last over five hours on the highest setting. If you have to cycle in low light conditions for a longer time or if you just can?t recharge the battery, the lowest setting guarantees over 26 hours of light.

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These Bright Eyes bicycle lights are designed specifically for a mountain bike. They are waterproof and use a 6400mAh battery.

Thought to offer effective lighting outdoors, the lights can be either mounted to the handlebar or used with helmet accessories that are included in the package. Thanks to this characteristic, the lights are perfect for multiple uses that include hiking, camping, running, and, of course, cycling.

Apart from that, the lights come with a series of accessories such as a diffuser lens, head harness and Velcro ties, and a LED silicone tail light and diffuser which is only available for a limited time.

Things We Liked

  • Fit all bicycles: the greatest advantage of these lights is that they are designed to fit all handlebars. It doesn?t matter what type of bike you have; these lights are the perfect choice in any situation.
  • Lifetime guarantee: the bicycle headlight is guaranteed for life and the battery comes with a 1-year limited warranty.
  • Fully waterproof: all the components of these lights are waterproof, a great characteristic especially for mountain biking.
  • External rechargeable battery: the lights are equipped with a 6400mAh lithium ion battery that is easy to recharge through a wall charger.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Although the light is awesome, the mounting system isn?t one of the bests. Made to fit all handlebars, the attaching system is insecure and in many cases, your light might fall when cycling on uneven surfaces.

2. Bright Eyes Fully Waterproof 1200 Lumen Rechargeable Bike Headlight

 Bright Eyes Fully Waterproof 1200 Lumen Rechargeable Bike Headlight

If what you?re looking for is plenty of intensely bright light yet the 1600 Lumen set described above is too much for you, then the Bright Eyes Fully Waterproof 1200 Lumen Rechargeable Bike Headlight might be a better option.These bike lights are suitable for all types of cyclists although they are also specifically developed for mountain biking, hiking, and other outdoor activities. Nevertheless, they are reliable and ideal to use for long night bike rides or even for commuting in low light conditions.

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The lights come with rubber mounts that fit easily on all handlebars while the LED quality assures impressive brightness. The battery, on the other hand, maintains a constant output level which means you?ll experience no dimming during use until the battery is completely drained.

The light provides up to 20 hours of intense light and you will be able to select between three intensities and two additional mode light features.

Things We Liked

  • Multiple lighting features: you will be able to choose between high, medium, and low intensities that vary between 350 and 1200 Lumens. Furthermore, the light has a strobe mode and SOS pattern.
  • 3000 feet of visibility: this light is great to use in all circumstances thanks to its extended range. In fact, it provides clear visibility at 3000 feet and pure brightness for up to 500 feet.
  • Free bonuses: the lights come with a head harness mount ideal for runners and hikers and with a free LED and silicone taillight.
  • Accessories: the package contains 4 heavy-duty O-rings designed for easy mounting and an 8.4 V lithium ion rechargeable battery with wall charger.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The battery doesn?t seem to rise to the company?s standards and wears out quite quickly. This is a great disadvantage especially because the battery has only one year of warranty.

3. Bright Eyes Aircraft Aluminum Waterproof 300 Lumen LED Bike Light Set

Bright Eyes Aircraft Aluminum Waterproof 300 Lumen LED Bike Light Set

If you love urban cycling and don?t need extremely bright light for your rides, then a good solution for you might be the Bright Eyes Aircraft Aluminum Waterproof 300 Lumen LED Bike Light Set. The set contains both front and taillights, two of each type.Thanks to this great feature, you will be able to share the lights with your partner or with a friend, or alternatively, you could use one of the front lights as a flashlight.

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The characteristics of the lights are also great. Although less powerful than the other two Bright Eyes lights presented above, this set is characterized by adjustable brightness between 80 and 300 Lumens. The lights boast the bright CREE Q5 LED technology and they are reliable for a wide range of purposes.

Moreover, the set is 100% waterproof, sturdy and dependable. The lights are easy to install and they come with a lifetime guarantee.

Things We Liked

  • Wide visibility range: the front lights provide visibility at 1500 feet and 48 feet of pure brightness. For urban cycling, these figures are ideal.
  • Aircraft aluminum case: the lights are durable and suitable to use even for more demanding activities, such as mountain biking. Thanks to their sturdy case, they can resist to many shocks.
  • Set of four: a great characteristic of this set is that it includes two identical front and tail lights. Thanks to this feature you will be able to increase luminosity on your bike or give one of the sets as a gift.
  • 3-mode lights: choosing the desired light intensity is easy. The intensity varies between 80 and 300 Lumens and it adapts perfectly to urban environments.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The lights are powered by 3 AAA batteries. This means you won?t get a rechargeable lithium ion battery with this product and the cost of the AAA batteries will represent a constant expenditure.

4. TANSOREN 4000 Lumens Eagle Eye Ultra Bright Waterproof Bike Headlight

TANSOREN 4000 Lumens Eagle Eye Ultra Bright Waterproof Bike Headlight

If you?d rather consider alternatives to the Bright Eyes bicycle lights, a great solution to consider is the ultra-bright TANSOREN Eagle Eye headlight. This bike light is designed to provide maximum brightness and it is characterized by two CREE XM-L2 LED bulbs that provide up to 4000 Lumens.The case of the light is made of military-grade plastic and it is waterproof while the gear is powered by four rechargeable batteries that have a runtime of up to 8 hours.

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Another great characteristic of this light is the fact that it is not designed specifically for cycling but rather for multiple outdoor disciplines. The gear can be easily mounted on the handlebar or it can be used as a headlight or helmet light.

Moreover, the item comes with 18 months of warranty and the customer service is friendly and helpful.

Things We Liked

  • Four output levels: thought for cycling, hiking, and other outdoor activities, the lights have four modes, low, high, medium, and strobe.
  • Waterproof: the case is made of military-grade plastic which is waterproof. As such, you will be able to use the lights regardless of the weather.
  • Long runtime: when fully charged, the battery lasts for up to 8 hours when the light is used on the low setting.
  • Accessories: the lights come with a battery pack and one power adapter, two rubber bands to attach to the handlebar and 1 head or helmet band, not to mention a convenient storage pouch.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Mounting the lights on the bike is rather tricky, and it also seems difficult to attach the battery pack.

5. Bright Eyes 1200 Lumen Bike Headlight + Multiuse Flashlight Handle – Complete Set

Bright Eyes 1200 Lumen Bike Headlight + Multiuse Flashlight Handle - Complete Set

Lastly, if you like both cycling and hiking, and if you?re looking for the best Bright Eyes bicycle lights to use as both headlights and portable flashlight, then the Bright Eyes 1200 Lumen Bike Headlight + Multiuse Flashlight Handle might be the solution you were looking for.This complete bicycle headlight set transforms into a portable handheld flashlight in seconds and provides incredible brightness thanks to its 1200 Lumens. As such, the set is suitable for mountain biking, hiking, camping, and other outdoor activities.But this set goes well beyond providing adequate sports lighting. In fact, the headlight can be easily transformed into an SOS torch or emergency light for broken-down vehicles.

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The light sticks easily to any metallic surface and it can even be used as emergency light at home during power failures.

The light comes with multiple accessories that include a stand-alone handle, interchangeable red and white lenses, headband, as well as bicycle mount, power adapters and a recharger.

Things We Liked

  • Multipurpose light: Bright Eyes truly impressed with this gear that is suitable for multiple purposes including outdoor activities and emergencies.
  • Brightness: the 1200 Lumens provide sufficient light and a wide field of visibility. Moreover, the light is bright enough to be used in areas with zero artificial light.
  • Interchangeable lenses: a unique feature of this light is the possibility to change lenses from white to red. This is helpful if you need to change a tire while cycling on a road or if you have any types of issues while driving a vehicle.
  • SOS mode: if you find yourself in an emergency situation, it will be easy to draw attention thanks to the blinking SOS mode of this headlight.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The light is not made specifically for cycling and for this reason mounting it on the handlebar or on the bike?s fork might be tricky.

Conclusion & Final Pick

There is no doubt about it, lights are among the most important elements to consider in a bike. The best thing is that you don?t have to like the lights your bike comes with. There are countless solutions to choose from and Bright Eyes is with certainty one of the most trusted brands.

I like their versatile solutions yet consider that the best Bright Eyes bicycle lights available on the market are the Bright Eyes Fully Waterproof 1600 Lumen Rechargeable Lights.

There are many things I like about these lights. To begin with, I like their brightness and the fact that they boast 1600 Lumens. Thanks to the LED technology, the light provided is extremely bright. Moreover, the gear is waterproof and designed to withstand even the harshest weather and environmental elements.

The runtime is also decent for such a gear and you will get over 26 hours of light when using the headlights on the lowest setting.

The gear also comes with a series of useful accessories and it is designed to fit all bicycles. The only downside is the mounting system that is difficult to understand. Yet, once the lights are up on the handlebar, the benefits of these Bright Eyes bicycle lights will certainly wow you!

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