Best Burley Bike Trailer For Family Rides

Best Burley Bike Trailer For Family Rides

A Burley bike trailer can become your trustworthy ally when it comes to recreational family rides. Setting itself apart from the competition, the manufacturer impresses with a range of high-quality, durable, and above all safe products for you and the little ones.

If you?re unfamiliar with the brand, read on to find out why Burley is better than your average bike trailer. Else, check out our top picks in the table below.

Burley Kids' Honey Bee Trailer$$Star rating 4.5 of 5
Burley Design Minnow$Star rating 4.5 of 5
Burley Kids' Solo Trailer$$$$Star rating 4 of 5
Burley Design D'Lite Child Bike Trailer$$$$$Star rating 4 of 5
Burley Kids' Encore Trailer$$$Star rating 4 of 5

Specialized in the manufacture of child bike trailers and jogging strollers, Burley is one of the most reliable manufacturers in the world. Focusing on releasing only high-quality products that have been safety-tested and approved, the company is synonymous with reliability.

And we all know that when it comes to child safety, only the best of the bests can suffice. But if you?re not quite sure what the fuss is all about, you might be wondering why is Burley better than other brands. After all, each product available on the Western markets have to pass rigorous safety tests, right? Not quite so, and here?s why.

Why Invest In A Burley Bike Trailer

Both the US and the European markets are renowned for their strict safety regulations. Child bike trailers are some of the most controlled products, and for a good reason. They can put at stake both your and your kid?s life. So, in a world of bike trailers controlled by governmental bodies, how?s Burley different?

Founded in 1978 by Alan Scholz, the company gets its name from the nickname of the founder?s wife. The first bike trailer was invented to carry Scholz?s daughter and since the beginning it was built with safety in mind. Things didn?t change along the decades, and one of the core values of the brand is that of manufacturing durable and safe trailers with a thoughtful design.

The company tests all its products against all safety hazards, then have them double-checked by a third-party company. In this way, Burley not only respects the federal regulations, it exceeds them. And that?s what makes Burley different than the others.

But safety isn?t the only reason to invest in a Burley bike trailer. Design is another. Focusing on the development of bike trailers and jogging strollers, the company puts on the market lightweight and highly-performing units.

Large wheels with sturdy tires ensure smooth rides, universal hitches ensure compatibility with almost all bikes, and removable front wheels add versatility. So, if all these qualities convinced you to consider a unit, here?s how to choose the best one for you.

How To Choose A Burley Bike Trailer


The first thing to consider when choosing a Burley bike trailer is the size of your family. Do you have to carry one or two kids? Do you have a kid but planning to expand your family in the near future? Burly has a wide range of trailers with one or two seats. Some of them can even convert from single to double, for added convenience.

Riding Style

Not all Burley bike trailers are the same. Some are made for road riding. Others for all-terrains. If you like to ride on trails, choose a trailer with full suspensions and sturdy wheels. If you?re more of a road cyclist, choose a lightweight unit that doesn?t interfere with your speed.

If you like to engage in long family trips by bike, choose a unit with UV-resistant and waterproof canopy that can take your little ones protected from elements.

Multiple Uses

Active parents rarely settle for just one activity. So, if you like walking, hiking, jogging, or any other sport that doesn?t involve two wheels, consider investing in a unit that comes with a front wheel kit. This will allow you to transform the trailer into a convenient stroller or jogger.

Your kids will love to relax while you?ll love practicing your favorite sports in their company.


Don?t overlook this aspect. Kids need stuff. Lots of stuff. From plush animals to beach toys, the favorite blanket and maybe the one and only sippy cup your toddler loves, you?ll have loads of luggage to take with you.

Fortunately, Burley bike trailers come with convenient storage space but check if it?s sufficient for you.


Is your bike compatible with this trailer? If not? change bike! We?re kidding, but this is an important aspect to consider. Burly trailers come with universal hitches and mounting accessories, and are compatible with most bicycles on the market.

Yet, it?s always best to double check if you want to avoid nasty surprises.

Best Burley Bike Trailer For You

1. Burley Kids’ Honey Bee Trailer

Burley Kids' Honey Bee Trailer

With a weight capacity of 100lbs and two comfortable seats for the youngest of the family, Honey Bee is probably the most popular Burley bike trailer for kids. This unit impresses with its perfect balance between value and versatility, without any compromises on safety.The trailer is spacious, it has a rear storage compartment for your kids? essentials and comes packed and loaded with awesome features. The trailer comes with a 1-wheel stroller kit for a quick conversion from biking to strolling, an adjustable ergonomic handlebar, and a hub engaged parking brake.

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The design is also awesome. Lightweight and portable, the unit boasts a foldable design. When collapsed, the trailer is almost flat for easy storage and transportation, while the 20-inch wheels are equipped with push buttons for a quick removal.

The trailer will also keep your babies safe from elements. The unit has a large zipped access curtain made of mesh and a transparent canopy that attaches to the top of the door with Velcro straps. Mesh walls, together with the front curtain, ensure proper ventilation and a UPF 30 sun protection, while the transparent canopy keeps the children dry in the rain.

Things We Liked

  • Design: this trailer is lightweight and compatible with a wide range of bikes. It folds compactly for storage and transport.
  • Tinted sides: to protect your children from harmful sun rays, the trailer comes with UPF 30 tinted side walls and doors.
  • Wheels: perfect to roll on all terrains, the 20-inch wheels are equipped with push buttons for quick removal.
  • Stroller kit: converting the trailer to stroller is quick and easy. Just attach the front wheel and adjust the handle at the desired height.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The trailer doesn?t have suspensions.

2. Burley Design Minnow

Burley Design Minnow

If you?re into biking alone, have only one kid, and are looking for an affordable trailer for family rides, look no further. Burley Design Minnow is a spectacular single seat child bike trailer that has been tested and passed all Burley standard durability tests.The unit is more than comfortable. It boasts a hammock-style seat with a five-point safety harness system in which your bundle of joy will be able to lounge and admire the view? or take a well-deserved nap after some hours of adventure.

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A full aluminum roll cage and sturdy wheels add robustness to the design, while acid green 600D polyester cover features reflective piping for improved visibility.

This bike only trailer also has a fold flat design for storage and transport, while a large cargo area located at the back of the trailer provides plenty of space for your family?s belongings. Last but not least, the water resistant cover will keep the little one dry even in heavy rain.

Things We Liked

  • Affordable: this simple model of bike trailer is perfect for those looking for a bike-only single seat trailer. And it?s affordable too.
  • Seat: the hammock-style seat is more comfortable than standard seats, and it comes with Velcro straps on which you can attach additional padding.
  • Visibility: the polyester cover is bright green and features reflective piping, while reflectors are also installed on the wheels. A trailer flag comes with the product.
  • Collapsible: this trailer folds flat for storage and transport. It attaches to a bike with incredible ease and is compatible with most bike models.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The unit doesn?t have a parking brake and sunshade.

3. Burley Kids’ Solo Trailer

Burley Kids' Solo Trailer

Your solo passenger needs extra-comfort? Have a look at Burley Solo Trailer. This top-notch single seat bike trailer boasts premium features that maximize comfort, safety and performance. First and foremost important, it comes with extra room for your bundle of joy.The trailer features bowed-out sides that provide extra shoulder room, a padded Spring Integrated Technology seat that prevents tangled straps and simplifies getting your baby in and out of the trailer, and a convenient harness system.

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A fully adjustable sunshade will keep your little human comfy when the sun is high in the sky, while a transparent canopy provides shelter from the rain. A large cargo area provides plenty of space for all essentials, and a conversion kit adds versatility.

The trailer converts to either a stroller, jogger or sled, it has adjustable suspensions that allow you to ride on different terrains, and a fully adjustable handlebar for added parent comfort.

Things We Liked

  • Suspensions: this trailer is designed to provide smooth rides for the little one. Feel free to ride on whatever terrain you like.
  • Easy in and out: thanks to the Spring Integrated Technology, getting your baby in and out of the trailer is a breeze.
  • Sun/rain protection: the trailer comes with the convenient transparent cover present on all models, but it also boasts a sunshade.
  • Parking brake: the hub engaged brake locks the wheels effortlessly, ensuring the trailer will stay in place once you?ve parked.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The unit could use some fenders.

4. Burley Design D’Lite Child Bike Trailer

Burley Design D'Lite Child Bike Trailer

In many ways similar to Solo, D'Lite is designed to seat two, it comes with a bright green cover that is more visible in traffic and a large rear cargo space. The comfortable sitting area is customizable and you can use only one seat to give even more space to the family?s royalty, or just install both and let siblings enjoy the company.The trailer is built with performance in mind and comes with the Spring Integrated Technology that makes it easier for you to get the babies in and out of the seat. As for the comfort, both seats come with 5-point safety harnesses.

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The trailer?s frame is made of aluminum and the sturdy 20-inch wheels are equipped with suspensions. The unit converts to a stroller, jogger or sled in a blink of an eye, it is easy to transport and store, and is compatible with almost all bikes.

The unit also comes with a fully adjustable sunshade, transparent rain cover, while the model is available in two colors, green and orange.

Things We Liked

  • Versatility: this unit can seat either one or two babies. The internal configuration is easy to change, which is great.
  • Convertible: from trailer to jogger, stroller, or sled, this product converts in minutes thanks to the all-kit compatibility.
  • Spacious: even with two babies on board, this trailer is spacious and comfortable. Hammock-style seats ensure increased comfort.
  • Handlebar: regardless of your height, this trailer is easy to handle in stroller or jogger mode. It comes with a fully adjustable handlebar.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • This trailer is expensive.

5. Burley Kids’ Encore Trailer

Burley Kids' Encore Trailer

With a capacity of two kids and easily convertible to a stroller, jogger or sled, Kids' Encore is definitely a trailer to consider. This unit is comfortable, safe and affordable. It has a frame made of aluminum and covered in heavy-duty blue fabric.Side mesh windows and a large zipper door ensure sufficient ventilation on the hottest days, a two-position sunshade provides comfortable shade and protection from sunburns, while a transparent canopy provides shelter from rain or wind.

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The seats are padded and provided with 5-point safety harnesses. The maximum weight capacity of the unit is 100lbs, with 50lbs for each seat. Additional storage space is available at the rear of the trailer and is spacious enough to hold all essentials.

Large sturdy wheels ensure smooth rides on paved roads. Sadly, the lack of suspensions makes this unit less compatible with trails and gravel roads. Nevertheless, the trailer is easy to install, comes at a great price and it folds compactly when not in use.

Things We Liked

  • Convertible: the trailer is compatible with all kits and can be transformed into a stroller, jogger or sled.
  • Capacity: the unit is large enough to accommodate two growing kids. It has a weight capacity of 100lbs, 50lbs for each seat.
  • Spacious cargo: from picnic gear to sports equipment, groceries, or diaper bags, this cargo space fits all.
  • Safety: the unit comes with safety harnesses, sturdy wheels and frame, reflectors, and a trailer flag. All you need to stay visible and safe.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • A flaw in the design causes the kids to sit in an awkward position when using a helmet.

Conclusion & Final Pick

From all Burley bike trailers, we like the Honey Bee. This product seats two kids, it has a perfect balance between value and versatility, and is definitely safe. The inside is spacious and the seats are fairly comfy. Equipped with 5-point harnesses, they will keep your babies safe.

The trailer converts to a stroller effortlessly and attaches to almost all bikes. It has an ergonomic handlebar and a reliable parking brake.

Lightweight and portable, the trailer is also collapsible, easy to store, and easy to transport. Without a doubt, a great Burley bike trailer to consider for your next family ride.

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