The Best Bike Cycling Caps

The Best Bike Cycling Caps

Cycling caps are accessories that can make riding a more pleasant and fun experience. Wondering why to invest in one? Read our article to find it out! Not feeling like reading? Click on the links in the tables below to check out our selection of the best cycling caps available on the market.

SPEG UV-Pro Cycling Cap$$$Star rating 4.5 of 5
Team Wear Bicycle Cap$Star rating 4.5 of 5
Pace Sportswear Cinelli Cap$$$$Star rating 4 of 5
Hysenm Tour De France Sweat Absorbent Cycling Cap$$Star rating 4 of 5
Retro Prestige Team Cycling Cap$$$$$Star rating 4 of 5

Imagine for a moment that you are cycling through a mountain road, with the sun on your back and the wind on your face. Man and bike are one. You have championed the road and seen sights no city cyclist on their way to work could comprehend.

That is until the air begins to cool and the slipstream begins to feel like icy rivulets on your face and through your hair. You?re beginning to wonder what on earth possessed you to race against the elements astride your mighty metallic steed. Indeed, many men must?ve subjected themselves to chilly scalps before one genius came up with a cycling cap as a solution.

Cycling caps represent the peak of one?s rise from city slicker to speed demon on a road to new horizons. Both functional and a statement in the cycling world, the bike cycling cap is a must if your sights are set on the rolling mountains terrain and quaint villages of rural France.

Usually made of fully breathable cotton blend, cycling caps marry breathability and protection from the elements as neatly as the hems on your spandex cycling pants.

Why Should I Buy a Bike Cycling Cap?

Reveling in the rush of wind through your hair is enjoyable. Anybody can say so. But when cycling mile after mile, you may start to feel the onset of chills.

Either that or the telltale sting of sunburn licking at your face and head. Why subject yourself to the preventable? Cycling caps offer the right amount of protection without you overheating. They also offer a way of improving your aerodynamics without adding weight so if you are the competitive kind, the cycling cap is the way forward.

You may have watched the Tour De France on your television and marveled at the array of colored caps. Most manufacturers offer plentiful choice because we all like to be different; not every person wants to be seen in a bright pink number with a floral motif.

By providing you with different designs you have the marvelous opportunity of donning a cap that is the best representation of yourself and your pedal-powered spirit.

What Makes a Bike Cycling Cap Perfect for Function?

The market is saturated with different brands of cycling caps. Knowing which one is the cap for you can be horribly confusing. It may even put you off even attempting to purchase one. But have no fear! This article has been designed with your specific needs in mind and a handy three-point system to help you cruise the market as effortlessly as you do upon your green machine.

  • Style: there is really very little point to wearing something unless it looks good as well as serves a purpose. And in a world competitive with varying fashion, standing out from the crowd can be liberating. Cycling caps come in a range of sizes, shapes, and colors. Be sure to assess what you are looking for before handing over the cash.
  • Functionality: a cycling cap has to withstand the elements and frequent use. A cycling cap with too loose a seam will simply slide off your head with a mere breath of wind. Others may feel like you?ve got your head stuck. A good cycling cap should have a well worked seam with enough tension and grip to remain firmly in place while you push the miles past on two wheels.
  • Washable: keeping yourself clean and hygienic is important as an athlete. You will spend hours sweating into your clothes and cap so making sure that you can bung it in the washing machine and tumble dryer after a long cycle is fundamental to your comfort and the continued use of your product. Invest in a product that you can maintain easily and that promotes your well-being.

To ease you onto the inside track on the final bend, this article reviews five of the most popular cycling cap brands currently available on the market and pitches them against one another using these three key factors. You may just find the winning product to be the right one for you and your individual needs.

The Best Bike Cycling Caps Reviews

1. SPEG UV-Pro Cycling Cap

SPEG UV-Pro Cycling Cap

SPEG is a leader in outdoor and fitness wear and pride themselves on carefully crafted cycling wear. The SPEG UV-Pro tackles the most predominant issue facing all competitive and long distance cyclists.Sunburn is a major issue when exposed to the elements for prolonged amounts of time. It can be an uncomfortable ailment but it is also completely preventable. The SPEG UV-Pro Cycling Cap is a high grade cotton and spandex blend offering SPF30.

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It features a flexible hem to fit to the contours of the head and is fully breathable to allow for the evaporation of sweat but protecting from chilling.

Things We Liked

  • Comfortable: SPEG utilize a CoolDry? fabric blended with spandex for a seamless fit to all head sizes and its taped seams prevent marking on the skin or scalp from threads or joins. This cap has been designed to be comfortable for hours on end.
  • UV protective: SPEG has designed the cap in white for better sun reflective purposes. The manufacturer assures a UV protection rating of 30+ for those with short hair or no hair at all.
  • One size fits all: no matter your individual head size or shape, the SPEG UV-Pro Cycling Cap is guaranteed to fit to your head offering protection from the sun and breathability.
  • Machine washable: this cap can be washed on a low heat to maintain its aesthetic and keep it pristine for the next use. It is however recommended not to tumble dry this particular product as it can damage the fibers.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Simple: much of the pull of competitive cycling is buried within the look and appeal of the riders. Looking the part is as much an element of the sport as being able to cycle the distance. This cap may be functional but it is rather plain and if you are looking for something that makes you an individual, this is not the cap for you.

2. Team Wear Bicycle Cap

Team Wear Bicycle Cap

This elasticated number promises to be a fashion statement in the world of cycling. Bleiou recommends this cap with its fully flexible breathable material and visored front for beginners and professionals alike.It comes in a range of three individual styles to suit team riders who wish to stand out from the sea of spandex, lycra and sponsorship colors around them.

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This cap offers full sun protection with a visor for additional comfort in hot weather cycling and its light weight makes it effortless and comfortable to wear.

Things We Liked

  • Vizored: nothing hurts more than full sun glaring into your eyes along with the slipstream of your teammate wearing away at the bristles on your chin. The visor featured on this cap allows for the slipstream to be directed up and over your head as well as keeping that pesky sunlight out of your eyes.
  • Lightweight: a cycling cap should be effortless to wear and being lightweight ensures you?re able to maintain higher speeds while enjoying a great level of comfort.
  • Creative: available in three individual designs, you and your pedal pals can be in complete synchronicity while looking good.
  • Breathable: as you push your pedals to their limit, you will find your head accumulates a lot of sweat. This may get into your eyes or run down your face and be a nuisance. This cap allows a constant stream of air into the scalp to keep your head dry and cool but without losing essential body heat. Clever, eh?

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Not much choice: yes, Bleiou have created three designs for this cap but they?re all rather simplistic in their colors and range. There are other cycling caps which offer more variety in color and styles.

3. Pace Sportswear Cinelli Cap

Pace Sportswear Cinelli Cap

This cap by Pace comes in a nifty One Size Fits All design made from four panels of 100% Cotton incorporating an elasticated sweatband around the base of the cap.The visor is designed to be flipped up or down according to your needs. In full sun, the visor can be placed on a steep downward angle to provide adequate shielding.

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In the cooler evenings, it can be pushed up to provide uninterrupted vision while blazing your way along the roads.

Things We Liked

  • Cotton: cotton is the best material for breathability, longevity, and cleanliness. It is easy to shape, wash and dry and is the best at retaining body heat while allowing for adequate moisture wicking.
  • Practical: the visor provides sun protection if and when needed. There is a greater degree of choice in how you use the hat in coordination with weather conditions you are cycling in.
  • Retro: this cap is a shoutout to the 80s glamour of cycling.
  • Aerodynamic: the angle of the visor allows for you to slice through the air effortlessly. Wearing a cap should not impede on your ability to blaze the miles. This cap promises to be as noninvasive as possible.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Color: for the more artistic cyclists among us, the Pace Sportswear Cinelli Cap lacks bright colors or vision for pattern work or individuality.

4. Hysenm Tour De France Sweat Absorbent Cycling Cap

Hysenm Tour De France Sweat Absorbent Cycling Cap

Hysenm has produced this competitive cycling cap using 100% Polyester mesh for its light weight and breathability.The cap can stretch to head sizes ranging from 56cm to 61cm and also features a collapsable brim that can be ?embedded? within the cap as a prevention mechanism to stop sweat running into the eyes during heavy work.

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Things We Liked

  • Brimmed: the hat features a flexible brim that offers both sun protection and sweat protection depending on which way the individual chooses to wear it.
  • Windproof: the cap is able to protect the wearer from the chill in the slipstream as well as maintain full breathability and sweat-wicking.
  • Colourful: there is a wider range of colors and patterns available to suit a range of individual specifications.
  • Close Fit: the cap is fully elasticated around the band to allow for the cap to stay firmly in place whilst you ride.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Polyester: while the mesh improves breathability, polyester is deemed one of the worst for preventing excess sweating, in fact doing totally the opposite. Polyester also reacts quicker with sweat molecules and creates an undesirable smell which will be offputting.

5. Retro Prestige Team Cycling Cap

Retro Prestige Team Cycling Cap

Last but not least, the Retro Prestige Cap by Prestige Cycling is an Italian made design of blended cotton for a superior breathability and function in all weather conditions.It is lightweight and features an elasticated sweatband for a comfortable fit to most head sizes.

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Based on the timeless functionality of the traditional cycling cap, this cap promises much for the long distance and competitive cyclists alike.

Things We Liked

  • Cotton blend: cotton offers a higher degree of breathability and comfort. It is also lightweight and fully machine washable.
  • Choice: there are so many designs and patterns to choose from. Being individual is easy with the Retro Prestige Team Cycling Cap with over 20+ designs to pick your style from. Many caps feature specific brands such as Clement, Mapei and Mercier.
  • Bill: the bill or visor of the cap provides adequate sun protection as well as helping to improve aerodynamics. It also is designed to fit comfortably underneath a cycling helmet or worn on its own.
  • Easy to clean: as these caps are of cotton blend they can be washed and machine dried. Make sure to use a color catcher for the dyes when washing it for the first time.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Won?t fit all: while Prestige promise it will fit most head sizes it won?t fit some of the larger skulled among us.

Conclusion & Final Pick

The time has come; the sun is out, the sky is clear and the roads fare well. Your legs are itching for a stint on the cycle to pastures new. Get changed into your favorite gear and grab your Retro Prestige Team Cycling Cap because it has been reviewed as the best cycling cap currently on the market.

It is clear from the design, the choice, and the materials, that Prestige Cycling has put a lot of thought into providing superior comfort and durability. The cotton blend is well suited to the use of a cycling cap and is fully machine washable making quick work of sweat and dust without losing its integrity of the design.

The visor is a fundamental part of a good cycling cap providing excellent shielding from the sun, the wind and other elements, but also doubling up as a promoter for improved aerodynamics. When the race is on, a vizored cap steps high above the rest.

Lastly, the Retro Prestige Team Cycling Cap has so much to offer in terms of choice. 20+ designs showcase some of the best brand names in cycling with color and finesse, perfect for the elegance and splendor of the sport.

What are you waiting for? Grab your cycling cap today and get pedaling!

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