The Best Electric Mountain Bike For Sunday Rides

The Best Electric Mountain Bike For All Riders

An electric mountain bike can help you pedal faster and further, but why invest in one? Many MTB enthusiasts claim it?s blasphemy to have an assisted pedaling vehicle, as the whole purpose of mountain biking is that of staying fit. Is this true?

Read on to find out why you might need an electric mountain bike and which are its benefits. Or, if you don?t feel like reading, click on the links in the table below to check some of the best models on the market.

ANCHEER Electric Mountain Bike 36V$$$Star rating 4 of 5
Cyclamatic Power Plus CX1 Electric Mountain Bike$Star rating 4 of 5
ANCHEER Folding Electric Mountain Bike$$$$Star rating 4 of 5
Ferty 2019 New Electric Mountain Bicycle$$Star rating 4.5 of 5
Addmotor HITHOT Electric Mountain Bicycle Sport Bike$$$$$Star rating 3.5 of 5

Electric bikes have been a reality for decades. But if cyclist may understand the benefits of a commuter?s electric bike, things are slightly different when it comes to electric mountain bikes. Many of those who love this sports claim an electric MTB can do nothing but damage mountain biking.

Yet, an assisted pedaling mountain bike has many advantages. If you?re wondering why you should consider such a vehicle, see our reasons below.

Why An Electric Mountain Bike?

The advantages of an electric bike are clear. But when it comes to recreational mountain biking, riding an e-bike is subject to debate. The use of these vehicles generates concerns in? terms of trail maintenance and safety. But are they really that bad?

The truth is that electric mountain bikes exist for a reason. People need or simply like them. Riding an e-bike for leisure purposes goes beyond laziness, and as far as mountain biking is concerned, they bring benefits to both healthy and ill cyclists.

A mountain e-bike can help you ride faster, but the truth is that most people take advantage of it to ride further. The assisted pedaling can help you push your limits, giving you a minimal aid when fatigue installs. In other words, it can help you increase your resistance and get fitter and fitter.

But brings a wealth of benefits to those who just can?t enjoy cycling on a traditional bike. This includes elderly people, those recovering from an accident or those who suffer from a medical condition that prevents them from cycling for a long time.

Some electric mountain bikes have a dual mode that allows riders to switch from traditional riding to assisted pedaling to power-on-demand. These bikes are exceptional in terms of performance and suitable for healthy and impaired riders alike.

How To Choose An Electric Mountain Bike


The type of electric mountain bike you need is the first thing to consider. If you?re a healthy and fit rider, an assisted pedaling mountain bike is probably the great choice. This type of e-bike will give you the right aid when you?re too tired to keep going on your own, but will still require you to pedal if you want to go forward.

This type of bike will help you increase your strength, boost your resistance, and conquer new territories.

An assisted pedaling and power-on-demand electric mountain bike is an excellent choice for those with imparities. The assisted pedaling function allows people who suffer from a mobility issue or other illnesses enjoy a relaxing ride in a rural landscape. The power-on-demand, on the other hand, allows you to stop pedaling and still keep going if it becomes too challenging to ride on your own.

However, we wouldn?t recommend a power-on-demand bike unless you really need this function.


Another thing to consider is the size of the bike. Most electric mountain bikes have the same standard dimensions of the traditional mountain bikes and are usually? suitable for both men and women. Yet, if you?re particularly tall or particularly short, you might want to check the size of the model you like and make sure you feel comfortable riding it.


The battery is another important thing to check. The oldest models of electric mountain bikes have NiCad batteries which are not precisely effective in terms of runtime and lifespan. A broken battery can sometimes cost as much as the bike itself, therefore it is essential to invest in a model with a high-quality battery.

The newest models come with lithium or lithium-ion batteries that can be recharged at any moment, even when the battery is not completely drained. Although it might not seem so, this feature is essential.

Lithium batteries also have longer lifespans and typically longer runtimes than NiCad batteries.

To make sure the battery is easy to replace if needed, choose a model with a removable battery. Otherwise, you might have to dismantle the whole engine, which might be a pain. Moreover, check the voltage of the battery to determine if it can provide enough power to achieve the desired speed. This is very important if you need a power-on-demand e-bike.

The Best Electric Mountain Bike For You

1. ANCHEER Electric Mountain Bike 36V

ANCHEER Electric Mountain Bike 36V

ANCHEER Electric Mountain Bike 36V is one of the most popular electric mountain bikes on the market. With a traditional design and made of high-quality materials, this bike is perfect for traditional riding or assisted pedaling.The frame is made of aluminum alloy, while the front fork is made of high-strength carbon steel. These lightweight materials keep the bike?s overall weight rather low, in an attempt to minimize the impact of the motor kit. The wheels have the standard 26-inch size and are also made of aluminum alloy.

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Regarding the performance, this electric mountain bike comes with front and rear brakes, an impressive transmission system, and 21 speeds. Switching between the functions is easy, and you can choose between traditional riding, assisted pedaling mode, or power-on-demand.

This bike is also great in terms of safety. It comes with a convenient headlight, reflectors, while the brake system stops the bike instantly when needed.

Things We Liked

  • Battery: this e-bike comes with a 36V 8Ah lithium battery and a smart charger that allows you to recharge the battery even when not fully drained.
  • Speed: designed for performance but also perfect for the impaired riders, this bike reaches speeds up to 25km/h, depending on the terrain and weight of the rider.
  • 2 modes: you can choose from assisted pedaling or power-on-demand modes. For a longer lifespan of the motor kit, it is recommended to switch between the modes.
  • Lightweight: this e-bike is lightweight thanks to the aluminum and carbon steel structure. These materials also ensure the product?s strength.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The customer service is very unhelpful.

2. Cyclamatic Power Plus CX1 Electric Mountain Bike

Cyclamatic Power Plus CX1 Electric Mountain Bike

Cyclamatic Power Plus CX1 Electric Mountain Bike is one of the first models to have introduced the practicalities of an e-bike to MTB riders. The CX1 model is an easy-to-use electric mountain bike that comes with a lightweight frame, a quick-release battery, and a stylish design.Regarding the bike?s performance, this model boasts a lightweight frame made of aluminum alloy and that comes with an upgraded 36V lithium-ion battery. The bike has an incredible performance and the battery provides enough power for the vehicle to reach speeds up to 15 mph.

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The battery is provided with a quick-release system that makes it easy to replace and easy to charge. The quick-release front wheel ensures convenience when transporting or storing the bike while putting the vehicle together requires less than 5 minutes.

Another thing we like is the quick-change Shimano gear system, while the bike is also exceptional in terms of comfort. The frame has a vintage design, the saddle is comfortable, while the front suspensions ensure smooth rides on all terrains.

Things We Liked

  • Stylish: the 19-inch frame design is stylish, the lines are vintage-classic and the choice of colors makes this bike fashionable.
  • Performance: you?ll be able to choose between three assisted pedaling modes; this feature will help you ride even on demanding trails.
  • Size: the bike is perfect for short adults and even kids older than 14 can ride it in all safety. The bike reaches 15mph.
  • Quick-release wheel: the bike is easy to transport or store, thanks to the quick-release front wheel. It might not be compatible with all bike accessories.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Certainly not suitable for tall people. Most average-sized adults should fit well on this bike.

3. ANCHEER Folding Electric Mountain Bike

ANCHEER Folding Electric Mountain Bike

When the storage space is a problem, ANCHEER Folding Electric Mountain Bike might be the answer. This foldable electric mountain bike boasts a lightweight design, many of the ANCHEER 36V?s features, and is ideal for both healthy and impaired riders.The folding structure is ultra-lightweight yet strong and ideal for heavy rides. It withstands all terrains and resists well to elements thanks to the anti-rust structure and anti-exposure painting material. The wheels are strong and made of magnesium alloy.

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The wheels are integrated with anti-slip resistant thick tires, and the bike is suitable to use on rainy and snowy days, either on trails or roads. The vehicle has two working modes and it reaches up to 15.5 mph in power-on-demand mode.

But what makes this bike stand out is the foldable design. The bike occupies a really small space when not in use and it fits easily in the trunk of a small car.

Things We Liked

  • Structure: this electric mountain bike is lightweight yet strong. It is made of an aluminum alloy frame and magnesium alloy wheels.
  • System: the brake and motor system are also awesome. The bike has a front and rear disc brake design with 21-speeds and a Shimano transmission system.
  • Foldable: the bike is foldable, portable, and easy to store when not in use. It has a very compact footprint.
  • Battery: the smart charger battery has a fast charging. When fully drained, it needs 4 to 6 hours to charge completely.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Some riders believe the 250watt motor is too small for frequent use.

4. Ferty 2020 New Electric Mountain Bicycle

Ferty 2020 New Electric Mountain Bicycle

Ferty 2020 New Electric Mountain Bicycle is another excellent vehicle to consider to power up your weekend rides. The bike has a fully aluminum alloy frame and a fork made of resistant carbon steel, while the wheels are made of double-aluminum alloy and provided with comfort shock absorption.The bike is ergonomic and comfortable to use for most riders. It comes with an ergonomic handlebar and an adjustable seat, and anti-slip and wear-resistant tires designed to ensure exceptional performances on all types of terrains and in all weathers.

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As far as safety is concerned, the bike is equipped with a LED headlamp for night riding. A taillight and side reflectors are easy to install should they be needed. Moreover, the brake system is also great, and the bike is equipped with both front and rear disc brakes.

Another strong point is the lithium-ion battery which is removable and easy to replace. The battery recharges really fast and provides sufficient power to keep the bike riding on its own. The two modes make this model perfect for a wide range of users.

Things We Liked

  • Transmission: this bike comes with a 21-speed Shimano transmission system and has an exceptional performance on all types of terrains.
  • Safety: the bike comes with a LED headlight but also with front and rear disc brakes that provide full protection.
  • Modes: the bike has two working modes which are e-bike and assisted bicycle. The maximum speed reached is 25km/h.
  • Charge Port System: it?s easy to charge the battery even when it?s not completely drained. The battery?s lifespan won?t be compromised.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Assembling the bike is difficult.

5. Addmotor HITHOT Electric Mountain Bicycle Sport Bike

Addmotor HITHOT Electric Mountain Bicycle Sport Bike

Addmotor HITHOT Electric Mountain Bicycle Sport Bike is one of the most expensive available on the market, but its price is justified by the interesting features. the bike has a strong design and it is fit for adults up to 280lbs. moreover, the lightweight design makes it perfect for trail riding.The bike comes with a super high-speed rear hub brushless motor that reaches speeds up to 28mps. Another great feature is the integrated display with a compass that helps you stay oriented and keep track of your performances.

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The bike comes with hydraulic brake levers that increase the braking performance and the safety of the bike. The bike is easy to use, stable, fast, and powerful.

The motor is powered by a 48V 11.6Ah battery that comes with a fast charging charger. The battery recharges in less than 6 hours and it can even be recharged when not completely drained.

Things We Liked

  • Weight capacity: this bike has a strong frame and a great weight capacity. It can hold riders weighing up to 280lbs.
  • Hydraulic brakes: on this bike, everything is about safety and performance. The hydraulic brake ensures a quick braking in all conditions.
  • Design: the bike has sleek lines and a fashionable design. The integrated display enhances the appearance of the unit.
  • Motor: the bike comes with a rear hub brushless motor that reaches speeds up to 28 mph. The battery is also powerful.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • This bike is very expensive when compared with the competition.

Conclusion & Final Pick

In our opinion, ANCHEER Electric Mountain Bike 36V is the best electric mountain bike on the market. The bike has a great price, it has a standard design, and it can be used in various modes to match the needs of most users.

The 21-speeds provide plenty of options to choose from, the power-on-demand mode allows you to sit back and relax, while the assisted pedal mode helps you increase your resistance and push your limits further.

The bike is lightweight and is powered by a reliable battery. In terms of safety, the bike comes with a LED headlight and front and rear disc brakes. Full lights are easy to install.

Moreover, the foldable version from the same manufacturer is similar in many ways with this bike and suitable for those who want to save space. Without a doubt, this is an excellent electric mountain bike to consider.

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