Best Entry Level Mountain Bike Reviews

Best Entry Level Mountain Bike Reviews: The Best Guide for Beginner Cyclists

For those who love hurtling down woodland trails during their weekends or just looking for a new hobby, riding mountain bikes is a great choice. You feel free and adrenaline pump???s through your body as you go down the trails at break-neck speeds. The best entry level mountain bikes are heavier than their road counterparts. They have wider wheels and come with suspension forks, so they can handle the bumpy trails. The best of these bikes have great gears shifts and should be able to respond well so they can go through the twists and turns. Here is the best entry level mountain bike reviews, where you can learn more about these fantastic bikes.

How to choose the best entry level mountain bikes?

Firstly, you should decide on the type of mountain bike that you want. There are three main types:

  • Rigid ? does now have any suspension
  • Hard tail ? has a suspension fork at the front
  • Full-suspension ? has suspension at the front and rear

The next thing you should consider is the budget available, because apart from buying the bike, you will need to buy apparel, helmet and gloves. You need to decide the material of the bike since the price will depend on this; most people go for the aluminum bikes. You should also think about the maintenance costs of the bike. The more complicated it is, the more you may have to spend maintaining and repairing it. You should also consider safety features such as the type of brakes amongst others.

What are the benefits of the best entry level mountain bikes?

The best entry level mountain bike reviews introduce you to a whole new world of excitement and fitness. The sport can be taxing, but it is also exciting. Here are some of the benefits that you will get.

  • Great health ? You get to work out your body as you are cycling through the trails of the mountain. After finishing a few trips, you will feel invigorated and your health will improve.
  • Expand social circles ? Most mountain bikers have clubs where they compete against their compatriots. In these clubs, you will get to meet new people who also love the sport.
  • Time for family ? you may all think about taking up mountain biking as something that you can do as a family. Mostly, siblings will come together and take the sport so as to bond better. Rarely will you find older parents getting into the sport, but it is great to take the kids out so they can have fun together.

What should you consider when choosing best entry level mountain bikes?

Looking for the best entry level mountain bikes is a task that should be considered carefully. However, there are a few main issues that should be prioritized:

  • The features of the bike ? you need to decide whether you want a rigid, hard tail or full suspension bike. The comfort of your rides and also control will depend on these.
  • The price of the bike ? there are some bikes that are quite cheap, but you need to consider that cheap is not always the best. You should consider the kind of bike you are buying and not just the price.
  • The weight of the bike ? you should get a bike that you can handle well. If you get one that is too heavy, you may crash and injure yourself.
  • The size of the bike ? you should get a bike that you can sit on well, and still have a good grip on the handlebars as well as reach the pedals comfortably

What concerns should entry level mountain bike buyers have?

When buying a mountain bike, you should think about the material that it is made from. You will find them in aluminum, carbon fiber, alloy and steel. Each material has its pros and cons, and you should weigh these properly before you buy a bike. You should also consider the extras that come with the bike. Technology today has come up with widgets and gadgets which promise to give an advantage over others, so you should think about these too. You should also consider the safety features of the bike. This is a rough sport and you must have a bike that gives you the highest possible safety features. Other issues like price should be weighed carefully, since each bike will need maintenance apart from the initial cost.

What entry level mountain bike brands are the best?

There are so many entry level mountain bike brands available, that it may be confusing when it comes to choosing the best. Some have advanced features and are well known in the market, but these tend to be expensive. There are other cheaper brands, but these have a lot of generic components, and may not be the best to get. Do your due diligence and find out which brand would be the best for the price that you are willing to pay. Remember that this is a bike that you want to use for many years before you replace it with another.

What to know before you look for an entry level mountain bike?

Before you buy the best entry level mountain bikes, you need to think about whether you want to take up the sport as a hobby or for competition. If you want to compete, you need to look for a bike that has more features such as great suspension, light material, strong, and many other advanced components; this is because they may give you the extra edge that you need to win. However, if you want to take up the sport for leisure, you can go for some of the basic bikes available. You will be able to rush down the mountain, but not necessarily at very high speeds.

SE Bikes Big Mountain$$$$$Star rating 5 of 5
Schwinn High Timber$$Star rating 3.5 of 5
The Diamondback Overdrive$$$$Star rating 4.5 of 5
Nashbar AT29$$$$Star rating 4.5 of 5
Vilano Blackjack 2.0 29er$$$Star rating 3.5 of 5

SE Bikes Big Mountain

SE Bikes Big Mountain

This is one of the best entry level mountain bikes for beginners when you consider value for money. It comes with a double-butted aluminum frame, mechanical disc brakes, Shimano gear shifters, and has a great design. The bike is not as expensive as others in its category, and there are few mountain bikes that can match its value for money. The bike comes with huge 29 inch wheels which give better traction on the trail, for added control.The SE Bikes Big Mountain has won a lot of acclaim from entry level riders, with one saying that it is the ?Fix It Guy?. It is a strong and rugged bike and can take a lot of punishment when out on the trails. When looking for a great product and do not want to put out a lot of money, this may be the best option for you.

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However, the bike is considered to be too heavy by some riders, and they would rather pay more for a lighter bike with the same features. The reason why it is heavy is the front suspension fork; although it makes for a more comfortable ride and better control, it is quite heavy when compared to fork suspensions from other brands.

Things We Liked
  • It has a low price despite having advanced features
  • It is easy to control even if it is heavy
Things We Didn’t Like
  • The bike is quite heavy.

Schwinn High Timber

Schwinn High Timber

As far as entry level mountain bikes go, this is perhaps the cheapest bike that you can find; this means that it is best suited for people who are looking at taking up the sport for leisure and not competition. If you really want an inexpensive way to get into mountain biking, then this is your best option; the same goes for people who just want a bike for commuting and not necessarily going out on the trails.It comes with a front suspension only (hard tail) and the frame is built by Schwinn. It has other components from other manufacturers such as a Shimano Derailleur, and SRAM shifters. It also has a quick release seat and pull breaks. This is a great bike for casual riding and it is quite easy t assemble from the box. It is said to have a smooth ride, will last long, and has great value for money.

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The Schwinn High Timber is quite a heavy bike, as you would expect from a bike in that price range. However, consider the price, the frame and the high-end components, and you have a great bike.

Things We Liked
  • The price is affordable for most entry level mountain bike riders
  • It has a strong frame and is quite durable
  • It has a smooth and comfortable ride thanks to the hard tail suspension
  • It is easy to assemble
Things We Didn’t Like
  • It is quite a heavy bike

The Diamondback Overdrive

The Diamondback Overdrive

This is quite an expensive entry level mountain bike, but the performance and the fantastic design make it worth the extra cost. It is a great model for beginners and the added advantage is that it can match some other high-end models when it comes to performance. It comes with a butted aluminum frame, a front (hard tail) suspension and can go on almost any trails in the mountain. It comes with Shimano disc brakes, which are ideal for giving good braking power during wet weather.This is one of the bikes to get 5 star reviews from people who have used it. It is a great buy even if it is costly. The 29 inch tires are great for traction when on the trail, giving more control to the rider; the larger wheel size also ensures that the bike goes over tree roots and rocks without a hitch.

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The Diamondback Overdrive does not have a great seat, as happens with most mountain bikes. The manufacturers try to save money here, since most riders hardly ever sit when they are rushing down a mountain. You can also find low quality seats even on other expensive mountain bikes.

Things We Liked
  • It is a great model for beginners and gives top-notch performance
  • It has large wheels which make it easier to go over obstacles on the trail
  • Great disc brakes ideal for all types of weather
Things We Didn’t Like
  • It has a low quality seat
  • It is quite expensive

Nashbar AT29

Nashbar AT29

This is a bike that was designed for entry level mountain bikers who want a low-cost model to start with. They really got creative and cut out a lot, but it still has great performance. It has a 24 speed Shimano gear set, and a beginner-friendly oil-shock system, which is great for navigating over rough terrain. It has Alexrims, SR Suntor Crank set, front and rear derailleurs, just to mention a few of its components.It has 29 inch wheels which are great for going over rocks and other obstacles, and also give good grip and control. The bike allows you to turn off the shock system when you are riding over smooth terrain; this saves the rider a lot of energy. It also has an aluminum frame, which makes it heavier than most bikes in its category. The low cost is due to the low quality components, but the bike is very fast. It has a great combination of components for its price range. This is a durable mountain bike and will give you years of service; not a bad consideration when you are working with a low budget.

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Things We Liked
  • This is a low-cost bike and great for beginners
  • It has a high number of components
  • It has an oil-shock system great for beginners; the system can be tuned off on smooth surfaces
  • 29 inch wheels for maneuvering over rough terrain
Things We Didn’t Like
  • It is quite heavy
  • Low cost components

Vilano Blackjack 2.0 29er

Vilano Blackjack 2.0 29er

This is a low cost entry level mountain bike, and gives excellent value for the price. It comes with a hand butted Alloy 6061 frame, and authentic mechanical brakes. The brakes a line pull brakes and now disc brakes. The suspension is basic, but still makes for an excellent ride. It has double walled rims, which makes it great for rough terrain. Softer rims will bend and warp, and will need to be replaced soon.The bike comes with Shimano components for the gear shift, which makes them long lasting and effective; you will get smother shifting with the Shimano. The bike has a downside in that it does need a lot of repairs; at least twice a year. However, if you do not want a high cost bike, and would love to do some leisurely riding down the mountain trails, this bike is an excellent choice; it will not do well in competitive circles.

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Things We Liked
  • It is a low cost bike
  • It comes with Shimano gear shift and this makes it great for riding when changing gears repetitively
  • It comes with double walled rims which last longer on rough terrain
  • It has a hand butted Alloy 6061 frame
Things We Didn’t Like
  • It requires a lot of maintenance
  • It is not great for competition due to the reduced features
  • It has line pull brakes which need more pressure from your fingers

In conclusion

If you want to enjoy the countryside, some fresh air and keep fit, mountain biking is a great sport to take up. You do not have to use a lot of money when buying the best entry level mountain bikes. When you are looking for one, you should consider the suspension, the size of the wheels and the type of frame. Most beginners will opt for the aluminum hard tail version, although this is mainly a personal decision. You should not look for a full suspension bike unless you want to pay a high price for it. Looking at the models above, you have a wide range of great bikes to choose from. Do consider your choice carefully, since you want a bike that you will not replace within the short-term.

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