Best Single Speed Fixed Gear Bikes

Best Single Speed Fixed Gear Bikes: The Ultimate Guide for Buyers

Single speed fixed gear bikes are now regaining their popularity, because they are easy to operate, and have very little need for repairs and maintenance. These bikes may not be the best if you are riding in hilly areas, but they are great for urban settings. There is no need of gears, a derailleur, and no free-wheel mechanism, in the case of fixed gear bikes. These bikes are considered to be the most efficient since the chain remains in one single position, and there is no lag, as happens in multiple speed bikes. Here is some more information on the best single speed fixed gear bikes.

How to choose the Best Single Speed Fixed Gear Bikes?

When it comes to single speed and fixed gear bikes, there is not too much choose from when it comes to advanced features as you would when choosing multiple speed bikes. There is only one gear, and all you have to do is select the model and look at features such as weight and height. The design of the bike also bears weight when choosing these bikes. You must know the difference between single speed and fixed gear bikes. Fixed gear bikes do not have a flywheel, which is the one that allows the rider not to pedal when going down a hill. Fixed gear bikes will require constant pedaling; the mechanism can also be used to slow down the bike when going down the hill, in conjunction with the brakes.

What are the benefits of the Best Single Speed Fixed Gear Bikes?

Single speed and fixed gear bikes do have a number of benefits to offer, despite having fewer features as opposed to their multiple gear counterparts:

  • They give a better workout ? since they have only one gear, going up hilly areas will give a better workout than multiple gear bikes
  • Low maintenance ? these bikes have fewer components, especially at the rear wheel and they will require less maintenance and repairs. This makes them cost effective in the long run
  • They are easy to ride ? you no longer have to fiddle with the gear controls on the handlebars. You also do not have to contend with jerks as the gears change. This makes for an easier and smoother ride
  • Simplicity means better quality ? the components of single speed gears are made simply and are therefore of higher quality. They are less likely to break down
  • Pedal braking ? fixed gear bikes allow you to slow down the bike using the pedals

What should you consider when choosing Best Single Speed Fixed Gear Bikes?

Certain factors have to be taken into account when you are choosing among fixed gear and single speed bikes. Here are some of them:

  • The size of the bike ? as with all bikes, you need to choose the size of the bike properly. You should be able to pedal comfortably and also steer.
  • The weight of the bike ? these bikes are sometimes considered to be basic, and some manufacturers use heavy materials in order to lower costs and offer the bikes at cheap prices. However, you should always look at the weight of the bike and make sure that you can handle it, especially because it can be very tiresome to pedal a heavy bike with no gears, up a hill
  • The wheels of the bike ? you should get a bike that has smooth road tires, since you will be using the bike in urban settings.

What concerns should Single Speed Fixed Gear Bike buyers have?

Single speed bikes are simple bikes that are easy to maintain, but you should make some considerations before you buy one. The first is where you will be riding the bike; if you will be going up and down many hills, you had better look for one with gears since it will be very tiresome to use a single speed bike. On the other hand, if you do not want to be pedaling all the time, or slowing down when you stop pedaling, you should not opt for a fixed gear bike. However, if you are in an urban setting, then both of these bikes will work very well for you. You will have a bike that you can use easily, and you will not have to pay much for it.

What Single Speed Fixed Gear Bike brands are the best?

The market for fixed gear and single speed bikes is not as saturated as that of multiple gear bikes, so your choices are narrowed down considerably. However, you should always look for brands that have a good reputation and have been around for a while. You can also look for new entrants who have designed these bikes to your expected specifications. It is very difficult to tell the quality of single speed or fixed gear bicycles from their features, given that they are all built in the same way, so you have to rely on experience when making your decision. Try out the ones you have shortlisted and then choose that which feels the best to you.

What to know before you look for a Single Speed Fixed Gear Bike?

When trying to decide between a single speed and fixed gear bike, you need to know the difference between them, lest you buy the wrong bike. These bikes are almost identical in design, apart from the absence of a flywheel in the fixed gear bikes. This means that when you do not pedal, or reverse the pedals, you actually slow down the bike, just like the brakes would. There are fixed gear bikes that have a flip flop hub which can easily be converted into a single speed bike hub. Once you get this difference, you will be able to make an informed choice when buying these bikes. Apart from the gears issue, you just have to use your knowledge of frames, wheels and steering to make the final decision.

Critical Cycles Urban Road Bike$$$-$$$Star rating 4 of 5
Takara Kabuto$$$Star rating 4 of 5
Vilano Edge$$-$$$$$Star rating 3.5 of 5
Giordano Rapido$$-$$$$$Star rating 3.5 of 5
The Pure Fix$$$$-$$$$Star rating 4.5 of 5

Critical Cycles Urban Road Bike

Critical Cycles Urban Road Bike

This is a well-known manufacturer of bikes, and their single speed/fixed gear bike is a great addition to their portfolio. This is both a single speed and fixed gear bike because it has a flip flop rear hub which allows you to change between the two modes. This is a low price bike, although the initial price may seem high, but when you think about the reduced maintenance costs then it is a bargain in the long run. This is a bike that is made of quality materials making it very light, and hence easy to ride. It comes with top components, which make it durable and efficient. Its lightweight allows you to maneuver it in the crowded urban environment. It has a Neko headset, quality KMC chain, Pro-Max brakes and Wanda Tires. The chain wheel is made of a light allow for easy cycling and durability. The bike is easy to assemble out of the box, and is actually considered to the easiest on the market.

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Things We Liked
  • It is light and easy to maneuver
  • It is made using top-quality components
  • It can be turned from a single speed to fixed gear thanks to the flip flop rear hub
  • It is easy to assemble from the box
Things We Didn’t Like
  • This is a single speed bike, and may be uncomfortable for people who live in hilly areas.

Takara Kabuto

Takara Kabuto

This is a manufacturer who has made several different types of bikes and it has been hard nailing down their specialty, but they have created a great bike in the Takara Kabuto. This is an entry level commuter bike that is best suited to the urban setting. It is light in weight, and has a tight steering curve. It requires very little maintenance making it cheap in the long run. The frame is made from steel and it can be a bit heavy for younger riders. There is quite a lot of frugality in the number of components, but those used are of high quality. It has wide handlebars and has Kenda tires which are labeled ?Kenda Yellow?. The bike is easy to assemble out of the box, and has schematics that show you how to do so; you can have it on the road within one hour.

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Things We Liked
  • This is a simple bike to assemble, and one can be riding it in no time at all? It is durable, thanks to the steel frame, and the alloy parts take away most of the weight
  • It has a tight steering curve allowing you to maneuver easily in the urban traffic
  • It has quality components, even if they are fewer than you would find on other single speed bikes
  • The bike is easy to tweak and adjust to improve its performance
Things We Didn’t Like
  • This is a very basic bike

Vilano Edge

Vilano Edge

This is one of the most popular single speed and fixed gear bikes on the market. The flip flop hub at the rear allows you to operate it in both modes. The bike is very stylish, with anodized wheel and matching hubs. You can get it in 7 different color combinations, and they are all very striking. This is an ideal bike for people who love a bike with great aesthetics. It has a 700c hi-tensile steel frame, and this makes it a bit heavy for smaller people. The bike is great at accelerating and the brakes are very smooth and strong. It has a comfortable seat which is great when you want to take long rides. The bike is easy to set up, even if it comes in three different boxes when bought online. The bike is cheap, which is an added advantage when you look at how stylish the bike is.

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Things We Liked
  • This is a durable bike given that it is made from hi-tensile steel which is resistant to rust
  • The bike comes in stylish colors and is great for the rider who is concerned about aesthetics
  • The bikes cycles easily despite its heavy weight
  • The Vilano Edge has one of the most comfortable seats when it comes to single speed bikes, and this is why it is popular
Things We Didn’t Like
  • The tires of the bike are not of the best quality and you may have to replace them after a year or so

Giordano Rapido

Giordano Rapido

The Giordano Rapido is a fantastic single speed road bike that makes commuting quite enjoyable. It is made by a reputed manufacturer and will serve you for a long time to come. It is made using high-quality components, and this makes it durable and easy to maintain. It has alloy rims and hubs and ha a flip flop hub making easy to convert to a fixed gear bike. The brakes are alloy side pull brakes, and the frame is made from Tig welded aluminum. The fork is made from Tig welded steel to make it stronger. It has an Alloy Quill Stem, and a Steel 3-piece crank. It has a loose ball and cone bottom bracket with English Thread. It has Kenda Black tires, and JoyTech Alloy hubs. It is light in weight given that it is made from aluminum instead of steel like most other bikes in this category.

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Things We Liked
  • This is a safe and efficient bike from one of the leading bike manufacturers in the world
  • The bike is light in weight thanks to the aluminum frame
  • It has alloy hubs which help in reducing the weight
  • It has durable Kenda Black tires that do not need quick replacement
  • You can easily change from single speed mode to fixed gear using the flip flop hub
  • The bike comes at a very cheap price making it affordable to most riding enthusiasts
Things We Didn’t Like
  • There are no reported cons as yet

The Pure Fix

The Pure Fix

This is a bike created by a new manufacturer in the industry, Pure Fix. The bike is not as easy to ride as most others, since it forces you to lean more forward than other commuter bikes. This aggressive riding position is favored by some riders, so you have to make a personal decision when selecting it. It has a purist design, having only a single brake on the front wheel. If you want to ride using the fixed gears, you can easily remove the front brake and use the pedals to slow the bike. However, the bike also comes with a flip flop hub and you can turn it into a single speed bike. Being a new entrant into the industry, the company, Pure Fix, is ready to deal with any problems that you may have with the bike. They have a very high level of customer service, and this makes the bike appeal more to new riders. There are also 12 different colors to choose from. The bike is affordable, and this is another plus.

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Things We Liked
  • It gives you the ability to ride faster due to the aggressive forward-leaning position
  • It can easily be converted into a pure fixed gear by removing the brake at the front
  • The company offers a high level of customer service
Things We Didn’t Like
  • Being a new bike in the market, there are no reported cons as yet

In conclusion

It takes a special kind of bike enthusiasts to buy a single speed or fixed gear bike. Most people who are used to multiple gear bikes will wonder why you should choose a bike they consider to be harder to ride. There are many benefits to be derived from riding these bikes, which are considered redundant by most bikers. Single speed bikes are very simple when it come to riding and maintenance. You do not have to struggle with gears and derailleur. This way, you will not break anything in the hub of the bike. This is a bike for those who love simplicity and minimalism, and it feeds the need to live a simple life. For those who commute around urban areas, you find that you only use one of two gears. It would make sense to get a single speed bike which would be much cheaper in the long run.

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