Best Urban Bikes Reviews

Best Urban Bikes Reviews

An urban bike is one which will take from one point to the other within the city; it must offer you the bet safety features due to vehicle traffic. The bike must also look nice and attractive; there is a wide variety of urban bikes and many people do not know which the best urban bike is. The choice of an urban bike will be mainly dependent on the individual. Men and women will choose different bikes, and so will age groups. This is the reason why it is so hard to decide on which bike is the best for you. We will show you best urban bikes reviews to help you in this aspect.

How to choose the best urban bike?

At Biking Expert, we do a thorough investigation on urban bikes and put all the necessary information here at best urban bikes reviews to help you pick what’s best for you. When buying an urban bike, you need one that will be comfortable and one which will allow you to get on and off quickly. This is the reason why the best urban bikes are the ones that have a step-through design. When you have to stop at traffic lights, you will need to stand, and these are the best bikes in such situations. You also need a bike that is light in weight, and one that will allow you to be aware of your surroundings when on the streets. An urban bike should have lights, a carry basket, and a good kickstand among many other features. Urban bikes should be strong so they can withstand some small impacts on the road, such as when a car slightly bumps into you.

What are the benefits of urban bikes?

One may not think of the benefits of having an urban bike, and just think of it as a means of quick transportation. Here are some of the benefits that you should be thinking of:

  • An urban bike will get you from one place to another faster, especially when there is traffic jam
  • An urban bike will allow you to exercise even when you are running errands or going to the office
  • An urban bike is environmentally friendly and helps in reducing pollution.
  • An urban bike can easily be parked anywhere where there is a bike stand, and will not hamper your movements
  • When you have an urban bike, running to the store to buy some supplies is fun and also invigorating.

The benefits are many, even if they seem mundane but collectively they do count in the long run.

What should you consider when choosing urban bikes?

When choosing an urban bike, here are some of the features that you should consider:

  • Design and geometry ? you should not look at an urban bike and love it because of its aesthetics; you should think of one that will meet your needs. The bike should allow you to be upright and alert so you are aware of your surroundings.
  • Material and build ? this is an odd point; you need a bike that is light and will not tire you, but you also need one that is strong in case of accidents? in the city. This means choosing between a steel or aluminum frame.
  • Special features ?you need to look for a bike with lights, baggage stand, kickstand, and one that has mountings for your specific needs. If you go shopping, you need one with a carrier basket, etc.

What concerns should urban bike buyers have?

Urban bike buyers should primarily be concerned with the functionality of the bike. It should be able to fill the purpose that you desire. If you want a bike that you can use to go to work then it should not have many other accessories added to it. It should just have the basics, where you carry your suitcase and other small items. It should also have safety features that are commensurate with urban codes. You should have lights, a kickstand, a chain, and reflector and more; you need to read your city codes for more information. Urban bike buyers should always think of safety when they are on the road, and they need a bike that allows them to be alert at all times. Keep to the road rules for safe urban bike riding.

What urban bike brands are the best?

There are so many types of urban bikes brands that it would be absolutely challenging to try and pick out the best brands. The purpose of the bike should really determine which the best brand is for every individual. When you need a bike that is just fast and will take you to the office, you will look for a brand that produces aluminum frames; if you want one that will be carrying heavy groceries, or for your newspaper rounds, you need one with a strong steel frame. Accessories will also be determined by the purpose of the bike.

What to know before you look for an urban bike?

Before you go out and buy an urban bike, you need to know the purpose that you want it for. If you just want a bike that you use for shopping, then you will need to think about the accessories that you need to help you carry your groceries. If it is strictly for commuting, then you need the most basic of features. You need to think whether you need a bike with gears or not. You need to think of the safety measures that you must place on your bike. Chains for securing the bike should have a baggage bag for storage.

Sixthreezero EVRYjourney Woman?s$$$$Star rating 5 of 5
Sixthreezero EVRYjourney Men?s$$$$Star rating 5 of 5
Tommaso La Forma$$$Star rating 5 of 5
Fuji Feather$$$$$Star rating 5 of 5
Bobbin Noodle$$Star rating 5 of 5

Sixthreezero EVRYjourney Woman?s

Sixthreezero EVRYjourney Woman?s

This is a bike that comes with several features that enhance functionality and safety. This is perhaps the best urban bike that you can buy today. With a step through frame, the rider can easily step on and off the bike. The frame is made of aluminum and is therefore not heavy. This allows for effortless cycling, especially when starting off and the bike has some groceries/baby on it.

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Things We Liked
  • The bike has the ability to take on accessories for carrying groceries, babies and much more
  • It allows for seating in an upright position for maximum comfort and safety
  • The aluminum frame makes for easy starting and cycling
  • It is compact and can move easily through crowded areas
Things We Didn’t Like
  • There are no cons associated with this urban bike at the moment

Sixthreezero EVRYjourney Men?s

Sixthreezero EVRYjourney Men?s

This is a great urban bike for men, and is almost identical to the one described above. The only differences are the color, and some changes to the geometry of the frame. This is a comfortable and smooth bike for taking to the streets. You need to pay a lot of attention to your surroundings to avoid getting into sticky situations. You should always let an expert tell you how highthe seat should be. You should not lower the seat to much as this will affect your knees and your back;you will not be able to see around you and this can be unsafe.

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Things We Liked
  • This is a great commuting bike for men who want to exercise as they move to and from the office
  • It has a light aluminum frame that makes for easy cycling
  • It has a step-through design so the rider can get on and off quickly
Things We Didn’t Like
  • There are no cons as yet; this happens to be the current best urban bike.

Tommaso La Forma

Tommaso La Forma

This is an urban bike that has a sporty shape. This is especially popular among young people who will want to go out into the streets and occasionally go for the hills in the countryside. The bike has the look of an MTB, but it is quite gentle. It has a curvy top bar, which is one of a kind, and needed by every urban cyclist. The frame is made of aluminum, but the fork is made from carbon fiber. This is the beast of the urban jungle, and it comes with 27 gears. This means that the cyclist can move faster on a flat surface without tiring quickly. You only need to keep your wits around you when travelling at such high speeds in urban areas.

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Things We Liked
  • The bike has an excellent design that makes it appealing to young people
  • It comes with Tetra RX1 brakes which have a high stopping power and great for maneuvering in traffic
  • The frame is light and the fork is made of carbon to reduce the shock to the hands
Things We Didn’t Like
  • There are non at the moment

Fuji Feather

Fuji Traverse

This is perhaps the oldest bike brand in the world, and has a wide range of models in its portfolio. The frame is made of steel and comes in fixed gear and single speed formats. This is a bike with a relatively low price tag, and is very classy. The components are not branded and this is why it is low on cost, but they are of high quality. It has a timeless quill stem and ?aero? style allow seat post which makes the bike look very lovely. The seat post is short and there is no adjustment, so you have to get the height right when you are choosing the frame size.

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Things We Liked
  • It has a great design and a strong frame
  • The vintage look appeals to older people as well as younger ones
  • You can choose from single-speed and fixed gear configurations
  • The non-branded components help in keeping the price of the bike low
Things We Didn’t Like
  • The seat post is not adjustable so you must get the frame height right when buying the bike
  • The ball bearing hub is vulnerable to damage since it is not properly sealed

Bobbin Noodle

Bobbin Noodle

This is a bike that rolled out a collection of bikes in order to celebrate their 10th year in existence; this was done in partnership with Cambridge University, so they could come up with the best urban bike ever. This is a single-speed bike, but there is an option of getting an 8-speed variation. This is a bike that is suited for travelling in flat areas but with the 8-speed bike, you can try out the hilly areas of town. The bike is made from high-tensile steel, and this contributes to the low price. This bike is perhaps one of the heaviest urban bikes in existence. This affects its acceleration, especially when taking off from traffic lights, but once it starts moving, it cruises quite well. It has a sit-up-and-spin geometry which makes it very comfortable, and has aligned flatter bars that give it the sporty feel. It has think tires which enhance the comfort of the bike since you do not feel the bumps

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Things We Liked
  • The bike is made from high-tensile steel and is therefore very durable; it will last for many years
  • It has a sporty look and this makes it attractive to the younger generation
  • It has options of 8-speed and single-speed gears
Things We Didn’t Like
  • The heavy steel makes it hard to accelerate the bike
  • It is quite a frugal bike and comes with the bare minimum components

In conclusion

Urban bikes are exceptionally convenient when you want to move from one part of the city to another and want to avoid traffic snarl ups. The bikes come in many forms, but one common feature is that they must be comfortable and allow great visibility for the cyclist. Urban areas can be risky especially when you are moving in between traffic and crowds, so you need a bike that will allow you to pay more attention to your surroundings and not speed. The bikes are made for functionality and not performance and most do not have gears. The above models are the best urban bikes that you can find and you should consider them when making the choice to buy one.

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