13 Creative Indoor Bike Storage Ideas

13 Creative Indoor Bike Storage Ideas

Cycling is fun and rewarding, but storing your bike can be a hassle, especially if you live in a small apartment or condo. Fortunately, there plenty indoor bike storage ideas to consider. Have a look at the 13 solutions below and get inspired.

1. Shelf Mounting Brackets

On the market, there are several wall-mounted bike racks to consider, but these solutions are costly. Alternatively, you can invest in shelf mounting brackets. Find an empty space on your walls and mount the brackets.

Use them as hangers for the bike – a simple and inexpensive solution if you?re looking for budget indoor bike storage ideas.

2. Behind The Bed

Are you living in a studio apartment and are short on space? Store your bike on the wall behind your bed. Use shelf mounting brackets or a specialty bicycle rack to hook your machine to the wall.

If you live in a rented apartment and can?t bring any changes to the interior, just replace the headboard with a narrow bookshelf and keep the bike on the top shelf.

3. On The Desk

Another genius solution to use either in your tiny home or at the office is to store the bike on the desk. It is usually sufficient to just place the desk in front of a wall and reserve enough space behind the monitor for the vehicle.

This solution is particularly useful if your working place doesn?t have a secure bike parking where you can keep the bicycle during the office hours.

At home, this idea saves you plenty of floor space while also decorating your home in style.

4. Recycled Pallet Bike Support

Indoor bike racks are expensive but used pallets aren?t. And you can use them for numerous home decoration projects.

If you?re not quite skillful, just take an old pallet and varnish it with a protective coat. Flip the pallet on its side and use the existing holes to lock the rear wheel in place.

Lean the bike and use the wall as a support for the front wheel; this solution is truly amazing but I recommend you paint the walls in a dark shade.

5. Built-In Bike Rack

A space saving solution is your hallway is little is to opt for a built-in bike rack. Know that many hallway furniture manufacturers propose ready-to-buy solutions which are ideal for all standard bikes. If you ride a specialty bike and need something custom-made expect to spend some money on this piece.

Yet, this solution will save you a lot of floor space and will keep things organized in your home. All in all, in my opinion, it?s worth it.

6. Design Storage Solution

Wall-mounted bike racks can give an unflattering look to your home. But when the bike integrates perfectly in the d?cor, storing your bike on a wall can become a design idea rather than a storage solution.

This indoor bike storage idea works particularly well in industrial interiors. If you have a vintage or road bike, that?s even better.

Just find an empty space on the wall, mount minimalist brackets and hang your bike on the hooks.

7. Wine Rack

There are dozens of things in a home that are dead easy to repurpose, such as the wine racks. Use them to store towels in the bathroom, to hang planters, or your bike on a wall.

For the latter purpose, choose a wine rack made of metal and with hooks designed to keep the bottle in place. Mount the rack in a suitable spot and just hang your bike from the top tube.

Like it is easy to imagine, this solution works only for the standard bikes with a top tube. Women?s bikes and specialty vehicles may need alternative solutions.

8. Butcher Hooks

Do you remember those hooks butchers use to hang meat? You can repurpose those too. The idea could recall creepy images, but the solution is actually amazing in a small home.

All you need is a rail with hooks. Mount it on the ceiling and use the hooks to hang your bike from the rear wheel. This idea is perfect if there is more than a bike in your household but you?re truly short on space. And if you?re lucky enough to have a garage, you can even mount the butcher hooks in this space.

9. Diagonal Mount

Wall-mounted bike racks are very popular in small homes. Offering a comfortable bike storage solution, they allow you to save precious floor space. But who said that you have to follow the norms and mount your bike vertically or horizontally?

Let your nonconformist spirit shine and mount the brackets in diagonal. Hang your front wheel on the upper hook and the rear on the bottom one to ensure stability.

10. Original Home D?cor

Talking about functional home d?cor, use your bike as a focal point when you?re at home. Invest in a fashionable commuter?s bike in a solid color. Choose a bright shade, such as white, black, electric blue, yellow, green, or red.

Paint a wall in a contrasting color. If it?s a chalkboard effect paint, even better. Then, just lean the bike against the contrasting wall when you?re at home.

While this solution sacrifices some floor space, it is ideal for those living in a rented apartment.

11. Multifunctional Rack

Wood is a noble material that can easily beautify your home. Wooden shelves add versatility by holding your decorations. Wooden shelves with a bike rack are simply perfect.

There are dozens of models available on the market or you can simply make your own if you?re talented enough.

12. Suspend Your Bike

When searching for indoor bike storage solutions, don?t limit yourself to the floor and walls. The ceiling is also a part of your house ? and it often remains unused. A splendid idea is to mount the bike rack on the ceiling.

A pulley system can lower the rack to take the bike off or to put it on. And when there is little space available or when you have guests, just use the pulley system to rise your bike and store it suspended from the ceiling.

13. Repurposed Racks

I?ve seen this idea in a coffee shop and to be honest, I think it?s amazing. As long as you have a standard bike with a top tube, you can use any wall-mounted object as a support for your vehicle. For instance, a hat shelf or an umbrella rack.

Repurposed frames can also be transformed into a design wall-mounted bike rack by simply attaching brackets to the frame. And the ideas could go on and on.

Finding creative indoor bike storage ideas is easy. Just inspect your place and see where your bike could fit. It doesn?t matter if it?s on the floor, on top of a table, mounted on a wall or suspended from a ceiling. Once you?ve found that perfect spot, search the right solution that can keep your bike securely.

Whether the solutions above inspired you or if you want to add other ideas to this list, I?d be happy to read your comments and thoughts. Happy rides!

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