Biking To Work ? 15 Reasons To Do It

Biking To Work – 15 Reasons To Do It

If you?re anything like me, your working life is a blunt, sedentary experience. You get up in the morning just to sit in your car on your way to the office. You sit in front of a desk at least eight hours a day, then get up again to sit in your car and get back home. But including movement in the routine isn?t difficult.

All you have to do is to revamp your commuting. Remember that old bike you occasionally use on the weekends? Good! Blow the dust off of it and use it to get to and from work!

The couch potato in you finds excuses to ditch the idea? Here are 15 reasons to hop in the saddle and start pedaling today!

1. Keeps You Fit

A sedentary life is one of the main causes of metabolic disturbances, which more often than not translate in overweight or obesity. But biking to work keeps you fit. Whether you have to cycle for 10 minutes or one hour, morning and evening movement will do you good.

Cycling boost up metabolism and about 20 to 30 minutes of pedaling per day helps you lose weight. This not only has an impact on your health, but you?ll be able to eat that extra piece of pie or slice of cake without remorse.

2. Boosts Productivity

Biking keeps you moving, increasing your heart rate and blood flow. More oxygen gets to your brain, improving stamina and boosting your productivity.

You?ll feel more active in the office, able to take decisions faster and focus on your tasks. All this boost of energy will ultimately help you achieve your goals, keeping you motivated. Who would have thought that a morning bike commute can bring these benefits?

3. Keeps You Happy

Cycling not only boosts productivity, it also improves your humor. Improved brain oxygenation triggers the release of endorphins, hormones responsible for the sentiments of happiness and euphoria.

These neurotransmitters inhibit the sensation of pain, motivating you to keep going in the first days, modulate your appetite, enhance your immune response and release the sex hormones. As a result, you?ll feel more relaxed and attractive; this will improve your sex life, with subsequent benefits on your happiness.

4. Reserves Time For Yourself

Those who have never biked to work before may claim that getting there on a two-wheel commute is time-consuming. In the ideal hypothesis that there are no other cars on the road, commuting by car or with public transportation might be faster.

But that?s not the point! Cycling boosts your energy. After a week or two of constant cycling, you won?t postpone your morning alarm anymore but will be eager to get in the saddle. Because biking to work reserves you time for yourself. Time to enjoy the wind going through your hair, the birds singing in the trees and the blue sky above. And you?ll even be able to save the gym money since you?ll perform your daily workout on your way to the office.

5. Saves You Money

Talking about the money, biking to work doesn?t only save you gym money. It saves you public transportation tickets or gas money too.

With the extra money, you?ll be able to pay that dance class or course you?ve always wanted to attend. You?ll be able to impress your better half with an expensive dinner at a fancy restaurant. Or simply save them in a jar and travel the world when you retire.

6. Keeps You Healthier

It?s not rocket science to figure out that cycling keeps you healthier, but biking to work keeps you even healthier than leisure cycling. According to studies, those who commute by bike are the least exposed to traffic fumes, fact that brings further health benefits.

Apart from this, cycling, in general, helps you keep weight under control, lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease, prevents osteoporosis in women, and improves brain health and coordination, to name just a few benefits.

7. Improves Your DIY Skills

Don?t laugh! Biking to work really improves your DIY skills. Tire punctures happen, you?ll have to change the brake pads, or install a more comfortable saddle. Small works that will tempt you to give DIY a try.

And this is just a first step to becoming an enthusiast DIYer, ready to repair the small things in the house. Now, don?t expect to become an expert in the field, but commuting by bike can certainly motivate your inner craftsmen.

8. Reconnects You With The City

Honestly, when was the last time when you enjoyed your city early in the morning or in the evening? Sitting in a traffic jam is not quite part of the picture, but biking to work can certainly reconnect you with the area you live in.

On two wheels, you?ll be able to rediscover and investigate new areas of your city, explore the green spaces and parks, find new cozy coffee shops or places to lounge after the long office hours. And you might even bump into your soul mate while roaming the streets.

9. Solves Your Problems

Okay, biking to work won?t actually solve your problems. But it will make them look brighter. More energy combined with a positive attitude induced by cycling will help you see the problems with new eyes and find solutions instead of panicking.

I don?t know about you, but that?s a more than good enough reason for me to keep commuting by bike.

10. Protects The Environment

Thousands of cars pollute the air we breathe each day, with a more than negative impact on the environment. And unless you discovered a parallel universe where to run and hide when things will get worse, you can contribute to reducing the noxious fumes and the greenhouse effect.

So, ditch the car or public transportation, hop on the bike and cycle to work. Maybe your colleagues will follow your example and the world will become a better place.

11. Boosts Your Social Life

Cycling boosts your social life in many ways. To begin with, you?ll feel more fit, more energetic, and more attractive. This will stimulate you to go to the next team building or office night out, socializing with your coworkers.

Secondly, you can easily make friends with fellow cyclists. Cycling is a beautiful team sport and there are numerous communities you can adhere to. Undoubtedly, in one way or another, biking to work will boost your social life, I promise.

12. Improves Your Time Management

At a first glance, commuting by car or public transportation may seem faster. But more often than not, this isn?t true.

Traffic jams can keep you blocked for hours. Buses might have preferential lanes and it might be easy to take the subway, but you?ll still have to walk to the station. But you can get on the bike in front of your house and get off in front of the office.

With an average biking speed of 25mph (or a little less if you?re not a Tour de France pro) cycling can get you to work safe and fast. And electric bikes are always an option, in case you need some extra help on the uphill.

13. Keeps You Safe

According to a study published in Since Daily, a larger number of cyclists in a given city diminishes the number of collisions between drivers and cyclist. That?s because cities become safer when there are more cyclists and pedestrians.

And if you think that you?re just a drop in the ocean, remember that the change begins with you!

14. Boosts Your Self-Satisfaction

Let?s be honest about it, biking to work will make you feel better than the others. You?ll be able to sit alongside your fellow cyclists with a Grinch smile on your face while a coworker explains how it got stuck in the traffic or had to change a tire on the way to the office.

You?ll love keeping lectures on how your cycling has a positive impact on the environment. On how it improves your health or saves you money. And yeah, that?s an awesome way to spend the lunch break!

15. Earns You Money

If you live in the US, biking to work earns you money since 2012. Bicycle commuter benefits are taxable, but you?ll still get some extra pocket money from Uncle Sam.

But there is no need to despair if you live in another country. Most countries provide commuting benefits to cyclists; just ask your manager or check the local laws to see what benefits apply. And now, don?t waste more time. Get on your saddle and start biking to work!

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