City Biking: 15 Awesome Urban Cycling Infrastructures

City Biking: 15 Awesome Urban Cycling Infrastructures

In a world that is struggling to become greener and greener, there are some cities that truly invest in creating infrastructures and facilities for all biking enthusiasts. But if you were to imagine the paradise of the city biking, how would it be?

Take a look at these 20 awesome urban cycling infrastructures that will make you want to grab your bike and go for a ride!

1. Copenhagen, Denmark

The Danish capital is certainly a city biking paradise. Over 40% of the population uses the bike to commute and the infrastructures are superlative. In fact, the municipality invested in the construction of elevated bike lanes and bridges.

To keep both pedestrians and cyclists safe, the vast majority of the infrastructures dedicated to cycling are built for the exclusive use of the two-wheelers.

2. Eindhoven, Netherlands

In the Netherlands, there are countless bike friendly cities and all of them boast great infrastructures. But one of them has an ace in the sleeve. The city is Eindhoven and the city biking infrastructure that stands out is called The Floating Roundabout.

This structure, that captured the attention of the whole world, is a giant roundabout that allows cyclists to cross safely the most dangerous crossroad of the city.

3. Antwerp, Belgium

In Antwerp, one of the most bike-friendly cities in the world, the most impressive infrastructure can be considered St. Anna Tunnel. Built in the 1930s underneath the Scheldt, the tunnel links the left bank of the river to the old city center.

The tunnel preserves its original old-fashioned charm yet it is one of the greatest infrastructures of the city that enable cyclists to arrive from one side of the river to the other in less than 10 minutes and in all safety.

4. San Sebastian, Basque Region

Antwerp is not the only city to impress with a cycling tunnel, and it is easy to say that San Sebastian takes this type of infrastructure to the next level.

Morlans is a cycling tunnel that boasts a modern and original design. The tunnel is one of the longest bicycle commuter tunnels in the world, nonetheless a true attraction of the region.?

5. London, United Kingdom

If you have ever been cycling in London, you might know that the Great Britain?s capital doesn?t impress with its cycling infrastructures. Nevertheless, the municipality still found an innovative way to bring bike awareness by building a special type of bike racks that highlight the parking benefits of the bikes.

6. Troms?, Norway

There are many cycling enthusiasts that would do whatever it takes to ride uphill. However, when you are city biking, sometimes you could use a little help to climb the slopes of the city.

A city in Norway addressed this issue implementing the Troms? bike lift. If you?re too tired to ride up the hill, just hang your shoe to the cycling lift and the game is done!

7. Glasgow, Scotland

Cycling in the rain? Not in Glasgow! The city boasts an awesome tunnel pathway that connects the Scottish Exhibition and Conference Center with the Central Station. The tunnel is divided into two lanes, one dedicated to the cyclists and the other to pedestrians.

8. Boston, USA

Boston claims to be a bike-friendly city and indeed, it has one of the best bike share programs in the world.

Apart from Hubway, bicycle lanes and other infrastructures, Boston also boasts bicycle trains, in which the bikes can be easily boarded and secured during the trip.?

Urban Cycling Infrastructur

9. Brisbane, Australia

Visiting Brisbane? The best way to commute in the city is by bike. The municipality invested in biking infrastructures and built the Brisbane River Loop, a bikeway of about 23 miles that surrounds the city and links it to the suburbs.

10. Sidney, Australia

Apart from Brisbane, Australia boasts many other bike friendly cities, one of which is Sidney. In Sidney, besides convenient bikeways and lanes, the municipality also thought about the necessities of the cyclists.

For this reason, it built public air pump stations where all cyclists can inflate their tires whenever needed.

11. Vancouver, Canada

In 2012, Vancouver hosted Velo-city Global, one of the most important international conferences on city biking. Due to the event, the municipality invested massively in cycling infrastructures building wide bike lanes and bike parking spaces aimed to transform the city into a green one.

12. Bath, United Kingdom

If London isn?t exactly bike friendly, Bath is certainly one of those cities that know how to transform abandoned infrastructures to respond to the modern demands.

Regarding city biking, Bath boasts the Two Tunnels Greenway. This cycling path was initially a disused railway line that now boasts two enormous tunnels and two bridges.?

13. Stockholm, Sweden

When commuting by bike, you know how important it is to maintain your agility when stopping at traffic lights. But is there an infrastructure that can give you the right sprint when the lights turn green? Apparently yes!

In Stockholm, Nola company installed some cycling bollards next to the traffic lights, that give cyclists the possibility to maintain their balance without putting their feet on the ground. In this way, as soon as the lights turn green you can start pedaling with more ease.

14. Amsterdam, Netherlands

When thinking of city biking, an iconic place that comes to mind is Amsterdam. Netherland?s capital impresses with its extremely well-built cycling infrastructure that includes multi-stories bike parking facilities.

15. Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is one of the most bike friendly cities in the world and it boasts an impressive urban cycling infrastructure that is under continuous improvement and development.

The city has an excellent bike sharing system and it boasts countless cycling paths and other facilities. Furthermore, in the last years, Barcelona?s municipality committed to investing a great amount into the development of the cycling facilities, including building new lanes and new bicycle parking spaces.?

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