9 Benefits of Cycling Vs Running

9 Benefits of Cycling Vs Running

Cycling and running are two of the most popular sports. Practiced for both leisure and performance, each sport has its adepts and supporters. But rumors say cycling is better! Now, you might claim we?re just saying so because we?re into cycling. That?s why we thought to make a cycling vs running comparison.

And here we are! Check out these 9 benefits or cycling vs running, then get ready to invest in a bike.

1. Stamina Booster

The main reason why people practice sports is that they want to improve their stamina. And cycling does it better.

Cycling is a low impact exercise, that stimulates muscle growth and builds up energy. The longer you pedal the more energetic you feel. Day by day, your strength will increase. And so will your resistance. But cycling doesn?t only give you energy during exercise. It actually improves your overall mood and boosts your stamina even when you?re not cycling.

Running, on the other hand, leads to muscle damage. The soreness associated with running won?t keep you going for too long. And after a jog, it?s very unlikely to feel powerful and motivated. Or maybe you?ll feel motivated enough to rest on the couch for the rest of the week.

2. Muscle Builder

If you want to build muscles outside of the gym, cycling is the way to do it. When cycling, your propelling force comes from the hamstrings, glutes, and quads. To build that awesome, harmonious body, all you need is a bit of upper body training. And you can easily achieve this with an assault bike.

If you want to take muscle building to the next level, it?s usually enough to start riding uphill. Yet, running uphill won?t do you any good.

Like mentioned above, running destroys muscles. You can run on any type of terrain, muscles just won?t build up. In fact, it?s enough to compare a cyclist with a runner to understand the differences. While cyclists will have well-defined legs and tights, runners are just? skinny.

3. Calorie Burner

And now, let?s assume you want to get into sports to get in shape. How does cycling vs running compare in this case? Which workout burns more calories?

We wouldn?t want to spoil it for you, but yeah? it?s cycling. The two sports burn calories in the same way. How fast you burn calories depends on pace, body weight, and duration. The longer and faster you go, the more calories you burn. And it?s crystal clear for everyone that you can go further and faster on a bike.

By comparison, half an hour of cycling burns between 240 and 335 calories at a pace between 12 and 14mph. Increase the pace to 16mph, and you?ll burn about 444 calories. But achieving these numbers while running is harder. It takes a vigorous pace of 10 minutes per mile to burn up to 444 calories.

While with a bit of practice it?s easy to achieve good results with both sports, cycling just keeps you more motivated to keep going.

4. Commuting

Cycling is a clear winner of this one. Because, how many people did you hear of running to work? Instead, commuting by bike is a pleasure. You?ll just have to learn the street regulations in your area, and that?s it.

Then, commuting to work has a wealth of collateral benefits. It?s good for your health. It keeps you fit. It?s good for the environment, and the list could go on and on.

5. Competitions

When it comes to competitions, cyclists just do it better. The longest running marathon only lasts for a day. But the most iconic cycling competitions, including Tour de France, last for up to 23 days. Now, if you?re a sports enthusiast, gluing your eyes to the TV for all this time is more than exciting.

Not to mention the beauty of cycling tours. You?re not going to see just a bunch of sweaty athletes. You?re going to see landscapes, famous wine regions, iconic landmarks, and more.

6. Mechanical Skills

Cycling is a fine way to improving your mechanical skills. Because yes, bikes brake from time to time and yes, it?s less costly to repair them yourself.

We can look at this from the other point of view too. Cycling is an expensive sport. Don?t get fooled by thinking an average bike is enough. You?ll need a helmet, cycling gear, a repair toolkit, a bike mirror if you?re commuting, a basket to hold your belongings, and we could really go on forever with this list.

Running, on the other hand, is simpler. All you really need is a pair of good running shoes. And jogging lovers can now just say they win on this. True! But all you running lovers will never get the mechanical skills we, bike lovers, have.

7. Group Rides

Ah, the beauty of winning again! When it comes to group riding, or running, as a matter of fact, cycling is better.

Socializing while running is often daunting because running is a more challenging sport. Instead, while you cycle you?re still seated in a saddle, propelling your bike through the force of your legs. Extreme fatigue is not part of the picture, and more often than not, you?ll actually enjoy a chit-chat with the others cyclists in the group.

8. Downhill Skills

Again, when it comes to comparing downhill cycling vs running, cycling is a clear winner. Nothing compares to enjoying the landscape while making a challenging descent. But we can?t say the same about running downhill.

In fact, running on slopes is more of a pain rather than enjoyment. In the true sense of the word. Because running damages muscles, the extra effort needed to keep your balance while running down a slope translates to muscle-damaging contractions which will make you lay on the couch for the rest of the week.

9. Schedule Fitting

If you live a busy life, fitting one sport or another into your schedule could be a challenge. But once again, cycling is easier to fit into your routine.

That?s because it?s easy to commute by bike and exercise on your way to work. And you can even go shopping by bike. Now honestly, do you see yourself running with the groceries bags in your hands? We don?t.

Without a doubt, when it comes to choosing cycling vs running, we?re choosing cycling all the way. Jokes apart, both sports are wonderful. But when it comes to benefits, it just seems that cycling has more advantages in the long run.

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