7 Workout Tips To Build The Perfect Cyclist Body

7 Workout Tips To Build The Perfect Cyclist Body

While building the perfect cyclist body requires a lot of commitment and dedication, these 7 workout tips from the experts can keep you motivated in the long run.

After all, nobody was born with a cyclist body. And the Tour de France pros confess they do a lot of workout on a daily basis to keep up the good work. So, read these tips to get inspired.

1. Be Creative

We?ve got it! You just approached cycling and your physical condition is less than perfect. Maybe you struggle with a few extra pounds. But don?t let a moral breakdown keep you from achieving your dream. If you aim to become a cycling pro ? and want that perfect cyclist body ? get creative and use your environment to exercise.

If you live on a higher floor, skip the elevator and take the stairs. Do the same at the office and if the distance allows it, walk or cycle to work. Use anything suitable in your house to do weightlifting. Surprisingly, a bottle full of water, a chair, or your significant other convert in perfect weights in case of necessity.

Invest in a stationary bike and don?t skip cycling just because of the weather. If you already have master cycling skills, a good indoor trainer might be a better option.

2. Squats And Leg Pressing

Cycling requires a high leg force, that?s why your gym workout should be geared towards building lower body strength. Squats and leg pressing are the best exercises to perform but don?t exaggerate. Your whole body needs strength, and a good personal trainer can advise you on what?s a good workout routine for your constitution.

If you need to lose weight too, focus first on that and start building strength when you?ve reached your ideal body mass.

3. Avoid Supplements

Everybody seems to rely on supplements nowadays, but a balanced diet can give you all the nutrients you need. Work out a good diet plan with your trainer or nutritionist, and stick to it. It might be hard in the beginning, but once you get used to the diet it will all become a routine.

4. Keep Muscle Growth Under Control

The perfect cyclist body has a low body mass, which is needed to gain speed during sprints or when riding uphill. The problem is that gym workout usually builds up muscles, and muscles are heavy. That?s one of the reasons why you might not notice a true ?weight loss? even though you look thinner and fitter after a workout.

To reduce body mass, it?s essential to keep muscle growth under control. And according to Nathan Haas, the best thing to do this is by cycling for at least one hour after each gym training session.

Cycling requires extra-energy and your body will keep muscle growth under control. But since this is exhausting, it?s essential to learn how to deal with pain.

5. Learn How To Manage Pain

Cycling is one of the most demanding sports if you?re aiming for performance. And pain is part of the picture. Intense workouts and cycling sessions translate into sore muscles and tiredness. Pain is your greatest enemy because it can easily demotivate you.

There are many ways to manage pain, but we?re not going to talk about painkillers here. Instead of relying on external help, start practicing meditation. During your gym workout, visualize your next race, using your goals as motivation.

While cycling, don?t think about pain but about your destination. Push your limits by having a clear goal in front of you.

6. Integrate Workout With A Good Diet

We?ve mentioned a good diet above. And you should integrate it with your workout. Carbs and proteins are your best friends, but avoid eating complex sugars. A pre-race diet should be super rich in simple carbs, proteins, and amino acids.

During a race, your perfect cyclist body still needs protein and carbs to keep up with the rhythm. When the race is over, indulge yourself a piece of cake and some goodies, then switch back to your carbs and protein diet to get ready for the next event.

Don?t forget vitamins, taken from a diet rich in fresh fruit and vegetables.

7. Take A Nap Right After Workout

It might sound odd, but taking a nap after workout works wonders. According to the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, a half-an-hour nap resets your neuroendocrine and immune system, boosts your brain power and improves your mood.

With the hard workout, you?re doing to achieve that perfect cyclist body then, that 30-minutes nap should be more than welcomed.

Bottom Line

A too hard too soon workout is one of the main reason aspiring cyclists give up on their dream. To achieve your goals, focus on what?s important at the moment and take it one step at a time. You?re not going to build strength in a day. Nor win Tour de France after a few months of sporadic cycling.

If your dream really is to achieve the perfect cyclist body, our advice is to establish realistic short-term goals ? and fulfill them. Set your mind on the goal, learn how to follow a strict routine and work your way to success. After all, the best things are worth fighting for.

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