11 Top Benefits Of Dirt Biking

11 Top Benefits Of Dirt Biking

Dirt biking has been a motorcycling discipline for years. But with the advent of the newest electric mountain bikes, more and more free riders are tempted to give dirt biking a try. In fact, we can safely say we assist to a hybridization of dirt biking, a discipline that sees more and more avid cyclists approaching it.

But what are its benefits? And why should you use an electric bike instead of a traditional motorcycle for this discipline? Check out the  top benefits of dirt biking below, then hop on your bike and hit the trails!

1. Dirt Biking Lowers The Risk Of Cardiovascular Disease

Traditional dirt biking increases your heart rate in a way comparable to low-level endurance exercise, such as jogging. But when performed on an electric bike it increases your heart rate even further. Why? Because as a cyclist, you?ll be more than tempted to pedal every now and then.

Like we already mentioned in a previous article, one of the main benefits of cycling is the cardiovascular protection. So, practicing dirt biking on an electric bike can only boost up that benefit.

Cardiovascular disease is a broad term that includes stroke, high blood pressure, and heart attack, and dirt biking on a hybrid vehicle protects from all these conditions. In fact, dirt biking strengthens your heart muscles and reduces your blood fat levels, lowering the risk of cardiovascular disease.

2. Dirt Biking Improves Your Balance And Coordination

Dirt biking is an extreme discipline that?s all about balance and coordination. Just like freeriding on a traditional mountain bike, dirt biking improves your balance on bumpy terrains and hazardous downhill trails.

But besides balance and coordination, dirt biking increases your overall awareness, helping you gain a more clear hazard perception. Of course, you?re already accustomed to all the hazards of a trail, but things change when there?s a motorized vehicle beneath you.

Even if an electric mountain bike is hardly as powerful as a traditional dirt bike, the extra power will still make you see with new eyes all potential risks of a trail while it will help you gain a better balance at higher speeds.  

3. Dirt Biking Boosts Up Your Strength

We?re pretty sure that many of those who claim that only lazy people ride an electric mountain bike have never tried dirt biking before. This discipline offers a full body workout that will boost up your overall strength in no-time.

Even if the bike is powered by an electric motor, you?ll still have to use all your muscles to maintain balance on a challenging trail. And trust is, this discipline works out more muscles than your traditional mountain biking on a non-motorized MTB.

Dirt biking trains your legs, your arms, your buttocks, your lumbar muscles, your abdomen muscles, and even your internal muscles, such as your heart. Do you still think that practicing dirt biking on an electric mountain bike is for couch potatoes?

4. Dirt Biking Increases Your Street Riding Skills

Believe it or not, dirt biking actually improves your street riding skills. So, if you like to commute by bike, this discipline can improve your agility.

Like mentioned above, dirt biking improves your awareness and hazard perception, your balance and your coordination. And all these new skills don?t just disappear when you?re riding on the street. Bad weather and a few patches of mud on the road won?t seem so scary anymore, and sliding through the traffic will seem easier. On a traditional or electric bike.

5. Dirt Biking Improves Your State Of Mind

Dirt biking is seen as a free discipline, often preferred by the nonconformists and by those who don?t want to play by society?s rules. But that?s not completely accurate.

This sport brings a host of benefits for the psyche. It helps you free your mind and forget about the daily sorrows. It puts you in contact with nature and makes you focus on the present rather than the future or the past.

The increased heart rate will pump blood faster through your veins, providing more oxygen to your tissues and organs, including your brain. More blood to the brain means a better brain function, which translates in less stress, an overall happier lifestyle and a brighter future.

Moreover, this also lowers the risk of developing neurodegenerative diseases, such as ADHD or Parkinson?s later in life.  

6. Dirt Biking Boosts Up Your Social Life

Dirt biking is a discipline embraced by lots of people with different social backgrounds. This sport gathers together both cyclists and riders, and we can only than electric mountain bikes for this.

This sport improves your social life in a way very similar to cycling, by getting you in touch with people sharing your own interests. On the other hand, that boost of energy resulted from an improved heart rate will also motivate you to stay socially active.

You?ll have a stronger will to attend the next office night out or the party next door. Since a better social life also improves your state of mind, that?s another good reason to start dirt biking today.

7. Dirt Biking Keeps You Outdoors All Year Round

Yeah, that?s right. Dirt biking isn?t for the faint-hearted. True dirt bikers practice this discipline all year round. Even when it?s snowing.

This means two things. Constant workout all year round and an even better control and balance on all kind of terrains. This might even motivate you to keep cycling to work throughout the year, as you?ll no longer be afraid of dealing with a little patch of ice.

8. Dirt Biking Improves Your Posture

Dirt biking also improves your posture. Maintaining balance on dirt trails and avoiding to fall off when riding downhill at full speed requires you to sit in a correct position. Because even a slight change in the way you sit in the saddle could make the difference between a successful descent and an epic fail.

With this come related health benefits. Your spine won?t have to deal anymore with a bad posture, which will decrease the risk of associated diseases.

On an emotional level, you?ll feel more attractive, which will bring further overall benefits in your life.

9. Dirt Biking Stimulates Your Brain

Dirt biking stimulates your brain by keeping you alert. Even if you come from a mountain biking background, dirt biking on a motorized vehicle still requires more attention and a better focus on things.

In the long run, this has benefits in your daily life. By training your brain to stay concentrated on the trail, you train in to stay concentrated on other things too. This boosts your productivity. The new energy acquired also helps you focus on your daily tasks, increasing your creativity. And this can help you achieve your goals and advance in your career.

Moreover, by stimulating your brain you?ll also rule down the risk of neurodegenerative diseases mentioned previously.

10. Dirt Biking Keeps You Fit

Do you have weight problems? Try dirt biking. We promise you?ll lose weight faster on a motorized vehicle practicing this discipline than practicing another type of sport.

Like mentioned above, dirt biking involves all your muscles, and this only contributes to reducing your body fat. By increasing your muscular mass, dirt biking will also help you maintain the ideal weight during the long Christmas holidays.

11. Dirt Biking Boosts Up Your Endurance

Last but not least, dirt biking boosts up your endurance. Certainly, you might have sore muscles in the first weeks. Increasing the endurance is a slow but steady process if you?re practicing constant sport, and this discipline is one of the most challenging.

By simply pedaling and handling the bike for half an hour a day, your cardiovascular capacity will increase, your muscles will get used to exercising and you?ll soon be able to ride faster and further without feeling tired or worn out.

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