12 Reasons To Try Downhill Mountain Biking

12 Reasons To Try Downhill Mountain Biking

Downhill mountain biking is one of the most rewarding sports to practice as a beginner. Although cross-country is less challenging and more accessible to a wide range of enthusiasts, downhill brings mountain biking to a whole new level.

Challenging trails will determine you to learn about balance and bike handling faster. Armoring equipment and a specialty downhill bike will make you feel like a badass among family and friends.

Not convinced yet? Here are 12 reasons to give downhill mountain biking a try.

1. Downhill Mountain Biking Is Badass Workout

Downhill mountain biking works your body out unlike any other type of biking. Not to mention the blunt workout you can get on a stationary bike at the gym.

Downhill mountain biking engages every part of your body. From legs to arms, back muscles, and every other fiber of your body, including your brain, will get a badass of a workout. Yes, downhill is a tiring sport. At first, it will get you to push all your limits and will be painful until you get used to it.

But trust me, it?s worth it. Just make sure to bring some snacks and a sports water bottle or hydration backpack with you.

2. Downhill Mountain Biking Gets You In Contact With Nature

All types of mountain biking will get you in contact with nature, but downhill takes this to the next level. The search of the right downhill trail will take you further and further. From uphill, you?ll be able to admire mesmerizing landscapes while descending.

But staying away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life also helps you relieve stress. This will make you lead a happier and more energetic life.

3. Downhill Mountain Biking Is Therapeutic

Downhill mountain biking is therapeutic not only because it gets you in contact with nature, but because it makes you focus on something else instead of your daily worries.

Nothing is more rewarding after a rough week at work to hop on your saddle and hit the trail. Surrounding tranquility and a mind engaged in maintaining balance and dealing with the trail?s challenges will make you forget about problems, diminishing stress and anxiety.

Exercising will also boost the level of endorphin, a neurotransmitter responsible for triggering sentiments of joy and euphoria. By making you feel happier, downhill mountain biking actually helps you prevent exhaustion and depression.

4. Downhill Mountain Biking Boosts Your Confidence

No matter how confident you?re in life, downhill biking will boost that confidence. To practice downhill, you have to get on top first. And sometimes, this means making up monster climbs. No to mention all the balancing across narrow trails and carving your way down a technical descent.

All downhill trails come with obstacles and challenges, no matter how fit or skilled you are.

Since determination is key to successful downhill mountain biking, getting your way through all these challenges will certainly boost up your confidence. That?s why this sport is more than indicated if you?re shy or unmotivated.

5. Downhill Mountain Biking Gets You To Discover New Trails

Be honest, how many times did you explore the surroundings of your hometown? Do you know all off-road trails there are? Before I got into this sport, I had no idea there were even trails on the hills around my city. But even if know there are, downhill will make you discover new ones.

After a challenging descent, you?ll want to push yourself to a new challenge. And this will determine you to climb higher or cycle further.

You?ll get to know a territory you didn?t even know it existed and more often than not, this opens up new perspectives on life.

6. Downhill Mountain Biking Boosts Your Social Life

Cycling is a social sport. And just like any other discipline, downhill has its disciples. You?ll get to know people with your same interests. You?ll get to be part of an established community of bikers with whom you?ll be able to connect either locally or in online communities.

Either way, you?ll make new friends and will boost up your social life. This also leads to a happier lifestyle, less stress, and less probability to get depressed.

7. Downhill Mountain Biking Teaches Self-Sufficiency

Even if you go cycling with your group of friends, downhill is a sport in which everyone has to take care of themselves. Your mates won?t be able to stop you falling. They won?t be able to keep you balanced, nor tell you when and how to use your brakes.

You?ll have to do this for yourself. Of course, you?ll make mistakes. You will fall and get hurt. But you?ll get up and learn from your experience.

Downhill is challenging, and you?ll have to learn how to create a symbiosis between you and the bike. you?ll have to learn how to make that descent on your own because no one can help you. What better way to learn how to become self-sufficient?

8. Downhill Mountain Biking Pushes Your Limits

If you?re like me and have been a couch potato before getting into mountain biking, downhill will certainly teach you how to push your limits. This is one of the most challenging sports, and it requires resistance and determination.

The first climb will be quite of a challenge but don?t imagine that descending on a trail is better. But you?ll learn how to push your limits and achieve the result. And this will motivate you to push the limits in all your activities, making you more productive and competitive.

9. Downhill Mountain Biking Teaches You Differences Between Bikes

For most mountain biking disciplines, an entry-level or cross-country mountain bike is sufficient. But not for downhill. To be safe, you?ll have to learn what?s the difference between a downhill bike and all the others, to know how to choose the best.

To give you some hints, downhill mountain bikes have a different geometry than cross-country. They are heavier, have deeper suspensions, better brakes, and fatter tires.

These are not the only differences, and I promise that downhill will really teach you the difference between a generic and a specialty bike.

10. Downhill Mountain Biking Teaches You About Bike Safety

Before downhill, I know safety equipment existed. I just wasn?t too tempted to use it. At least until I fell off while making a descent.

If you?re like me and nothing convinces you to wear a helmet, knee pads, and mountain biking gloves, downhill sure will.

11. Downhill Mountain Biking Keeps You Active

As a former couch potato, I can admit downhill mountain biking keeps me active. By pushing my limits and by finding new challenges each time I practice it, downhill stimulates me to work out. New friends interested in the same sport also determine me to stay active by organizing races and competitions.

Since an active lifestyle is a key to staying physically and mentally healthy, we can only admit that?s a big plus.

12. Downhill Mountain Biking Is Fun

If the above reasons weren?t enough to convince you to try downhill mountain biking, well? you should try it just because it?s fun.

You don?t have to be a professional athlete to ride downhill. Not all descents are challenging. Finding the perfect trail is easy, even for beginners. Just hop on the bike and give it a try. I promise you won?t be disappointed.

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